It may seem childish or old-fashioned but many people still want to know how to start a rock collection. There a few different ways you can begin collecting rocks and some different things to consider before starting your collection.

rock collectionCredit: stephendepolo

1. Collecting For Value
Are you going to start a rock collection based on profit or value? Many people enjoy locating rare and expensive rocks to add to their collection. These samples can be found in many different places online. There are not many stores that will deal in rare rocks but you can find some if you look. Some coin shops also sell rare stones as well. If you think this may be how you want to start a rock collection then check prices online and determine if it is within your budget.

2. Collecting for Looks
This is the most popular reason that people start a rock collection: they collect what looks good. If this sounds good to you then it will be simple to start a collection. Many different gift shops and online sites (including eBay) will offer a great deal of affordable, cool looking samples.

3. Collecting Found Rocks
Some collectors only add rocks to their collections that they find. There are not a lot of people who do this exclusively since really cool looking rocks get picked up pretty often and aren’t necessarily common. Most rock collectors simply separate what they have found from what they have bought.

4. Collecting One Type of Rock
Again, this is not a very common method of starting a rock collection, but people do it. If you have identified a style of rock that appeals to you more than any other, it may be best for you to only focus on collecting that rock. This method if often used when individuals want to find the absolute best version of a stone. Having multiple samples handy allows you to personally assess the visual appeal of each rock. For more ideas on collecting rocks and long lists of things you can collect, research collectibles websites and blogs.

5. Collecting Regionally
A quick internet search could help you identify some of the more common appealing rocks in your area. This will make it easier for you to locate samples on your own, without buying. It also makes it possible to separate a chunk of your stones as being exclusively from your town or county.

6. Buy a Rock Tumbler
Rock tumblers are affordable and fun to work with. They polish stones manually to bring out a better shine than the stone may have had when you bought or found it. When starting a rock collection consider buying a beginners kit, these typically come with a tumbler. If you do choose to purchase a rock collecting kit, make sure it comes with a tumbler.

I hope you were able to use these simple guidelines to help you start a rock collection.