Evil Stepmom!

Being a stepparent is never easy, but stepmoms may have it worse.  Between the “evil” stepmoms in fairy tales to being called a “home-wrecker” by those on the outside, there is a lot to bring these new moms down.  But it is important to say positive in your new role as a stepmom.

Be Thankful

The grass is always greener on the other side – or so we think.  Take some time out of your day to remember the things you are thankful for.  Whether it be something little like your peaceful cup of coffee in the morning or the house that you come home to each day.  Remember that not everyone has it as good as you!


Being a stepmom can be fun!  Yes, you heard me right.  In many cases, you are not their primary caregiver nor there to replace their mom.  Take advantage of that and think of your role more like an aunt. Take your stepchildren on fun adventures during your time together.  It should be fun and they will warm up to as they learn how to accept you into their lives. Remember, it is a lot easier to be a friend then to be the actual parent. Be responsible and disciplinary, but at the same time, be that special friend that your stepchildren will feel comfortable with all the time. 

Find Friends & Advice

A great tool for new and old stepmoms alike are online forums.  It is really important for stepmoms to have someone in a similar situation to talk to.  You will also be able to share positive experiences and be able to read what other women are going through. There are many forums out there.  Find one that you find comfortable with and start posting.  You will be surprised to see how much help and advice is out there if you just ask.

Do Something For Yourself

It is important to keep yourself content, first.  It might sound selfish, but it’s true.  Schedule a date night with your husband or enjoy a shopping day with your girlfriend.  Do things that are for you and not the children.

It is also important to have goals for yourself.  We get carried away with making sure that we have the children taken care of and lose track of our goals.  Train for that 5K, become a fitness instructor, or finally finish that book you have been writing for the past ten years.  Just be sure to do things for you! If you are happy, it will be a lot easier to stay strong during hard moments with your stepchildren. 

Laugh It Off

Each and every stepmom will have stressful situations.  During those times, just laugh!  Maybe not out loud, but at least in your head.  Make the best of each situation and remember that they are only for a moment.