One of the hardest parts of going to school is the early morning routine of crawling out of bed and forcing yourself to go to a boring class. Lets be honest, the voices of some teachers simply drone on in uninteresting monotone and make it hard to stay awake in class (especially after a late night of studying or partying). There are times when I'll start to drift into sleep and I'll have to forcibly keep my eyelids open. I realize that I'm not the only one with this problem, as I see several fellow students dosing off during in depth class discussions and end up drooling all over their homework.

There are a few small things you can do that will help you stay awake in class. It can be quite the challenge, but during years of boring class discussions, I've learned all I can possibly learn about the subject of how to stay awake in class. I will list my best solutions that have helped me through tough times and have allowed me to get vital educational information that would have completely gone unnoticed if I had taken naps while in class.


Bring A Giant Cup of Coffee - Coffee can drastically help your efforts on staying awake. Not only does the caffeine effect to make you more alert and awake, the act of drinking coffee gives you a task to repetitively perform to keep you awake. If you're constantly picking up the coffee and drinking from it, you're being active instead of just sitting at your desk motionless and dozing off. It works best to get a large coffee or cappuccino (It's much cheaper if you get them from gas stations) and not drink it all in the first fifteen minutes. If you space it out, the task of drinking the coffee along with the caffeine will definitely help you stay awake in class.

Take Detailed Notes - This is an extremely beneficial way to stay awake while in class, as it also helps you keep information that you'll need at a later date (Taking detailed notes is an extremely important step in an article I wrote about making a perfect A+ on an exam). Once you get wrapped up into learning the class material and charting it down, your mind will naturally stay awake because you're performing a constant task. Keep etching down notes and you will benefit by being alert, looking like you care to your professor, and actually having amazing notes to study from.

Draw Pictures - If you can't focus long enough to pay attention to the lecture and you still want to stay awake because you don't want to be the guy snoring in the middle of class, you can always turn to the playful task of doodling. By drawing pictures, it will definitely help time to pass by quicker, and will keep you awake because you're doing something somewhat productive (even if it's just for your own entertainment). This isn't recommended if you sit close to your professor, however, if you sit in the back of the class, it will look like you're an avid note taker who's serious about school work.

Get Up And Use The Restroom or Go To The Water Fountain - Usually college professors are cool with you just getting up and using the restroom, and if you're in high school you can always just tell your teacher that it's an emergency. Getting a drink of water or going to the bathroom will give you something to do opposed from just sitting still in a seat. Don't take too long, but do this to wake yourself up. If you go to the restroom, splash some cold water in your face. This will let you wake up long enough to continue the duration of your boring class.


These are the best methods to use if you're looking to know how to stay awake in a class at school. I've tried them several times myself, and they are all fail proof ways to stay awake while you're in a boring class. There's nothing worse than making a fool out of yourself and snoozing in the middle of an important class, so please follow these simple steps and learn how to stay awake. I also wrote an article that discusses how to win the initial battle of waking up and going to class. Sometimes it's hard to wake up for school and also stay awake. I hope this information helps.