Are you like me? Do you set yourself goals that you would like to achieve but find that you can't keep up with the initial motivation and enthusiasm that you started with? Then the following tips should help you to stay focused and concentrate on finally being able to say - yes - I did it! All you need is a pen and paper and a few minutes to create your new plan of action.

Make A List Of Your Goals

Write down all the things that you would like to achieve. It doesn't matter what it is or if you think they sound impossible or even frivolous or too basic. The first thing is to get all that jumbled up information out of your head and down in black and white. Once you feel you have fully exhausted all your ideas, hopes and aspirations then you are ready for step two.

Organise Your List

Organise your list into sections. Do some of your goals refer to your wish to lose weight? Maybe you want to change career or you have some financial goals that you would like to achieve. Maybe you want to find ways of making money at home for free. Make sure you go through your list to identify what type of goals you are striving for.

Pick The Most Important Goal

You have now identified all the things that you want to achieve but you should now pick the thing that is the most important to you. That way you can focus your energy on becoming successful at achieving this purpose.

Another good idea to keep focused is to create a mood board. Place images, pictures and helpful words of motivation onto a large piece of paper and position this somewhere in a room where you will see it every day. This could be over a mirror or on the back of your door. If you like you could place it on your desk to make sure that it is something that you will see everyday. Looking at pictures of things that you want to gain is a very helpful tool in keeping your dream alive in your head and to keep focused. If you have always thought about a gap year travel for grown ups all around the world, put up pictures of destinations you would like to visit.

To find out other helpful tools and exercises to keep your motivation alive, do as much research as you can and find out exactly what type of motivational activities work for you. There are several books that you can read and each one will look at different aspects of motivation. If you prefer, you can purchase motivational CDs or DVDs. A good example is the information from Anthony Robbins. He has books, CDs DVDs, the whole works. Lots of celebrities have endorsed him so he must be doing something right.