Motivation and Inspiration are highly important in our lives, yet we often struggle to stay focused and positive. Daily routine and life get in the way and it's hard to reach goals when you are so busy with everything. This is a brief guide with a few pointers to help you through those tough days. You can live up to your potential, you just have to remember a few simple things.

Things You Will Need

Time to relax - even 5 minutes is great.

A list of what you want your life to be - what you want from it.

Trust and confidence in yourself.

Step 1

Relaxation (31679)

Relaxing - Taking time to unwind, even for 5 minutes is necessary to keep some balance in your day. We all have stresses in our day's that get us worked up, and most of the time we never think about those things again once they have passed. It could be worrying about getting to work on time, having to do a shift in the afternoon and wasting your morning thinking about it, a family get together on the weekend, the weather, or anything. The truth is worrying and stressing over things you can't really change is a waste of your time and energy. If you come to a point in your day where you face a stressful situation, think about why it's affecting you and whether you can do anything to change it. If it can't be avoided, accept it and do the best you can. If you can change it for the better, take the initiative and make it happen. Letting go of stress when you know it's serving you no purpose is a great tool to have. Most of the time what you're worrying will happen won't be as bad as you think. There are only so many outcomes to a problem, so focus on the things you can make better in your life and let go of the things that cause problems. When you're worried or stressed, take a few deep breaths and exhale slowly releasing your negative energy. Try and think of a solution and deal with it one step at a time. Also making sure to take a few minutes each day to unwind and relax is of immense benefit to you. Meditation, watching bad tv, listening to your favorite song, having a nap, looking at photos of loved ones, anything that makes you feel like You is great for your mind and body. I love to listen to relaxing music as I fall to sleep and daydream about all kinds of things that make me happy. Find something that relieves your mind and take the time each day to do it. you will feel better for it I'm sure.

Step 2


Things That Inspire You - Surround yourself with things that inspire you! Have pictures on your walls, have a book filled with clippings and drawings, etc., make a poster collage, have a photo album, music , quotes, anything! Having a physical representation of what you love and what inspires you makes it real. Write a list of things you want to achieve. Read them back to yourself, they're not just an idea in your head anymore, they are real. They now exist in written form. Set goals for yourself and then break them down into steps that you can achieve. Have something that you can do each day to get you headed down that path to your dream life. Write an article each day on Infobarrel, spend time with your kids, make time for loved ones, paint a picture, write a song, make a movie, whatever it is you want.We all have music or movies or pictures or people that make us think of new ideas and want to create. Make those things available to you so that when you feel a bit rundown or unsure whether you should go for what you want to do, you can have a look or listen at your inspiring things and be reminded why you are doing whatever it is you are doing. I love music and when I feel uninspired to write a new song, I take a break and don't force it. It should come naturally, so I listen to my favorite band and it usually sparks an idea, which sparks another idea, until I'm creating new music. If I'm at work and hating the day, I listen to music or look at pictures I have in my wallet and remind myself why I'm putting up with this crappy job at the moment. Because I have goals and this is a stepping stone in getting to where I want to be. Having those physical pictures, that music, that inspires me is so much better than just going on being unhappy. Reminding myself daily about the things I love in life helps me to appreciate what I have and what I can have if I set my mind to it. Find your inspiration and take it with you as you make your way through your life.

Step 3

Trust In Yourslef

Trust In Yourself, Be Confident - You know yourself better than anyone. You know what you enjoy and what you want in life. If you're unsure of those things, take the time to learn about them. Sit down and ask yourself - What do I want to be, to do, to have, to share, to learn, to give, to receive, etc. Find out what you are after and have a clear idea of it. Then set your goals and go for it! Believing in what you feel passionate about is up to you. Letting others hold you back from what you want out of life is a waste of your life. Most people that try and discourage you and tell you it will never work are the ones who are to scared to try anything for themselves, or have left it so long they have become bitter and take it out on others. Being confident doesn't mean you have to be aggressive or outgoing or in peoples faces, etc. It is more to do with having a strength within you that tells you to trust in yourself. It can be as simple as standing up for yourself when someone tries to put you down. Telling them they are free to believe whatever they want, but this is what you are doing. Make your decisions and stick to them. Always keep an open mind in case you need to vary your decision, but be firm with yourself. Your life is yours. Letting opportunity and circumstances take away your time and goals is a road that will lead to regrets. When we're young and at school, we all caved in to bullying or peer pressure or similar things. we have all given up on an idea or something because others told us it was no good. Maybe you didn't ask out that guy or girl you liked because of fear of rejection. But think back to that event, that moment, 10 years later, and you realize that you gave up on a chance at something that potentially could have been great. And all the things that stopped you from getting there are irrelevant now. The kids that teased you don't even remember telling you not to ask that person out. You get to choose what you do in each moment of your life. Don't take that for granted. Believe in yourself, and challenge your boundaries. You will love the feeling of just going for what you wanted even if it doesn't go as planned. And over time your confidence will build and you will be a whole new version of yourself. The person you are already inside will surface and you will become more comfortable in yourself.

Hopefully this has given you some things to think about. I know it's mostly common sense. I hope it didn't sound to preachy or motivational speaker like. I don't have all the answers, I'm just sharing some life observations and knowledge. Make sure to make everyday count and have fun. If you want it, go for it!

Tips & Warnings

Here are some great quotes to leave you with :

Happiness does not exist in pastimes and amusements but in virtuous activities. - Aristotle

Try not to become a man of success, but a man of value. - Albert Einstein

Hope is the dream of a man awake. - French Proverb