Life is full of wonderful things, however it is filled with really terrible things too. Unfortunately, we all have to experience some bad things at one time or another in our life. For me, it came out of the blue 6yrs ago. I was an extremely healthy (or so I thought I was) 29yr old. Everything was going great for me. I owned a gift shop, I had a wonderful husband, and I had a beautiful 2yr old. I was 29, strong, successful, healthy, and nothing could stop me----or so I thought.

In August of 2003 I found a lump in my breast. I didn't think much of it, breasts are lumpy right? Well, I went to the doctor just in case it was a "cyst" or something like that. To make a long story short after an exam, an ultrasound, and then a biopsy, I was told I had a very agressive breast cancer. They believed it was in the lymph nodes and set an appt. up to see an oncologist immediately. Come to find out it was grade 3, stage III, and the younger you are (which I was extremely young for breast cancer) the lower the survival rate.

For the next 2yrs I went through 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 11 surgeries. It was the hardest 2yrs of my life. I never, ever felt sorry for myself--ok maybe a little when I lost my hair! The point I'm trying to make is that everyday I chose to be positive. I never ever worried about the "what if" or the "why me". My focus from the very start was to get well so I would be here to watch my daughter grow up. It would've been so easy to crawl into a ball and want to die. At times, I did feel that way, however I would pick myself up and make myself be thankful for all the wonderful things in my life.

Having cancer opened up a whole new world to me that didn't even exist before. I took notice of the beautiful birds that fly around, I noticed the vibrant colors of flowers, I looked at my family and friends in a whole new way. Things that were so important to me before, didn't mean anything now.

One of the biggest things that helped me get through that situation was that I would write down all the things that I was thankful for. I would read them every night and every morning. Some days it was silly, simple things like I was thankful for the flowers. Sometimes I was just thankful for being alive and having the ability to fight this cancer monster. My point is that I always focused on the positive. Never the negative. They became daily affirmations for me and showed me how truly blessed I am.

I am not happy that I had cancer and I would never wish it on anyone. Having said that, I am the person I am today because I had to face a very scary thing. I wonder sometimes who I would be if that event didn't happen to me. I believe I cherish life, family, friends, and blessings so much more than I would have.

Things You Will Need


*Notebook or Journal

*Positive Attitude

I hope for anyone who is reading this and facing a difficult situation, this article helps you and blesses you with the strength to get through it. Smile and be thankful for the good things. Don't focus on the bad. Keep that negative junk out of your mind. The more trash you put in there, the bigger of a waste dump it becomes. Feed your mind with positive things no matter what situation you are facing. You may not understand why it's happening to you at the time, but one day it may become clear to you. You have the power to chose. Make a choice to stay positive in any situation.

Tips & Warnings