A large number of crimes take place on college campuses each and every year. More often than not the crime is commited against a freshman female or a student who wasn't careful about their actions. While college campuses are some of the most unsafest places in society, there are certain precautions you can take to help minimize your chances of becoming a crime victim on a college campus. Read on to learn how to stay safe on a college campus.

If you are femal student, then you may want to consider walking in groups of people when you are out on campus at night. A group of people is far less likely to be attacked or have a crime commited against them than someone who is alone. Females most likely to be raped while they are by themselves walking on a campus. You can never be safe.

Take advantage of the campus police towers that are located around the campus. These towers usually have a siren and large flashing light to warn people that a crime or something bad is taking place where the tower is. If you see something suspicious or are in trouble, then locate a tower as quick as possible and push the button on one of these towers and try to wait until campus security arrives on the scene. Often there are speakers on them for people to inform campus security of what is going on so take advantage of this option if you have these types of towers on your campus.

Avoid getting too intoxicated at while at a party or in the club. If you do become too intoxicated to operate a vehicle or know where you are then make sure you are there with friends who can get you back to your room safely. Also steer clear of people who may be intoxicated and are acting very hostile or are trying to buy you more drinks. This is one the most widely known ways the potential rapist prey on their victims.

Secure all of your valuables and never leave them sitting around. This especially goes for your books and school supplies. Many students have had their books stolen by people who turn around and sell these books back to the bookstore for cash. Make sure you keep your door locked when you are not in your room, that you keep a lock on your locker, and that your car is locked and has some type of anti-theft installed on it. These are the precautions you need to be taking to prevent a crime from being commited against you.

You can't get into too much trouble or harm by simply being in your room or your friend's dorm, right? Consider finding things to do in your room or find ways to have fun from the comforts of your own turf. You will be less likely to get in trouble or find yourself in danger than other students who are at every party or find themselves intoxicated beyond control on a constant basis. I'm not saying to not have fun or go out. You just have to be careful or you could very well end up a statistic.

These are just a few tips to help you stay safe on a college campus. There are many more precautions and measures a college student can take to stay safe on a college campus. Do you know of any other tips? Feel free to comment on this article and share your insights. Stay safe!