When figuring out how to stop acne, you must take a look at some other things in your life before creating a plan. The most obvious thing to look at is your diet. If you aren't eating well, your skin certainly isn't going to be well and you probably don't have the energy you need. You also must look at your skin treatment program. If you're jumping from product to product, you're never going to have clear skin.

Stopping acne starts from the inside of your body, so we'll look at the different things that you can put into your body (food & drink) to start the process of clearing your skin. From there we'll take a look at why most people fail with their acne treatments and how you can be sure to succeed. There are lots of ways to stop acne, but this method is the most likely to clear your skin and make you feel much healthier in the long-run. Your skin certainly isn't going to clear up overnight, but it will begin to improve and if you can keep this routine up, it will go away for ever.

When Does Acne Stop?

Acne stops after you do something about it! If you're a teenager, your hormones are raging and creating way more oil in your skin that you need, so it's extremely important that you eat well to help keep this under control.

The perfect diet to stop acne is one that is full of fruit, vegetables, nuts, and grains. You don't necessarily have to be vegan (although it wouldn't hurt!) but if you can eat twice as much of that stuff as you do meat, bread, sugar, and processed food you'll start to see improvements in your skin fast. The reason for this is that the food that you want to avoid is full of toxins and other crap that will end up your skin and pores, clogging them up further. You could even take it to the next level and only eat organic food, which is going to help you out even more.

Water is the second element to your diet to treat acne. The more water you can drink, the less toxins will remain in your body and the more hydrated your skin will be. This is the perfect combination for clear skin. After just a few days of drinking at least a half gallon of water, you'll be able to feel the difference in your skin. Rather than being oily to the touch and dry underneath, it will be soft and supple. This is the water doing its job. Keep in mind that you're going to pee a lot more when you drink that much water, so be prepared!

Treating Acne

The reason that most people fail to get the results that they expect from acne treatments is that they don't stick to them long enough for the medication to run its course. Think about what your bathroom looks like and how many different types of creams and face washes you have that are supposed to stop acne. Now imagine what it would be like if you had spent the time to figure out which one is the best for your skin and stuck to it! That's the key to a solid acne treatment.

You're certainly going to have to try a few before you find one that's right for you. You'll know which one it is when you find a treatment that leaves your face feeling clean without drying it out. Many of the treatments like Proactiv and Acne Free do this very well. After you've decided which it's going to be, stick to it! Go through at least two bottles before deciding if you're going to stick to it or not. You're going to see better results from using those two bottles than you would if you would have tried multiple products over the same period of time, not to mention saved a ton of money!

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