There are anti aging tips that most everyone is well aware of to keep your skin looking younger, but there are many that most people aren't aware of as well.  The first is obvious, stay away from tanning beds, thats common knowledge.  But did you know that your diet can also play a crucial role in fighting off the wrinkles?
One of the ways to look younger is by adding certain foods to your diet.  These foods include berries, such as blueberries, blackberries, as well as avocados, and products that contain extract from the Acai berry.
Avocados, blueberries and blackberries all contain compounds that fight free radicals.  Free radicals are what break down healthy skin tissue in your body and cause wrinkles to appear.  By killing these compounds and helping your body fight them off you can avoid wrinkles from forming in the first place.  These foods are great because they can be added to meals or eaten as a snack by themselves.
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Probably the one food on earth you want to eat to look younger is the Acai berry.  This berry which is found in the tropical rain forests of South America has more antioxidants in it than any other food on earth.  This fruit is also known as the "beauty berry" for it's nutritional and antioxidant profile.  Anti aging tips are all over the place, but there is probably none better than to add Acai berries(or Acai juice extract) to your diet.
The next step is to add a retinoid product to your skin care routine.  Retinoids are the purest form of Vitamin-A, which science has proven to fight wrinkles and reverse the hands of time.  Retinoids come in different forms and strengths however.
Retin-A is the purest and most powerful retinoid, and is available by prescription from a doctor only.  Retin-A stimulates collagen growth under the skin and acts as an exfoliant as well.  The results from this drug can be truly amazing at getting rid of wrinkles that have already formed, and stopping new ones from appearing.  However, this drug can also dry out your skin severely(at first).  So you will need to ease into it until your skin becomes used to having it applied.  Make sure to have a good moisturizer on hand if you start using this treatment(hint: from personal experience, olive oil applied to the skin followed by a quality moisturizer works wonders).
If you want to look younger but do not want to go to a doctor for a prescription, or you have skin that might not be able to handle Retin-A, then you can use a Retinol formula instead.  Retinol is a less potent, over the counter version of Retin-A.  It provides many of the same benefits, just at slightly reduced levels.  It is still a great way to get rid of wrinkles and stop new ones from forming, but the results will not be as dramatic as the prescription strength Retin-A.  There are many Retinol creams on the market and they can be found at most every grocery or drug store.
Anti aging tips involving skin care products are useless if people don't understand how to use the products they are buying to look younger.  When you buy skin care products to fight wrinkles you need to apply them to more than just your face.  
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If you use these products listed above, and they do work, only on your face then over time you will run into a problem. Your neck and the back of your hands will show signs of aging and your face will not.  It is important to use these creams on not just your face but also the front and back of your neck, and the back of your hands as well.  You can spot people who only use these products on their face and not their neck because the skin on their face looks great, and the skin on their neck is more wrinkled and shows more signs of aging.  So to avoid this always make sure to use these skin care products on your face, the front and back of your neck, and the back of your hands(the three areas of your body that show the most visible signs of aging).
Drinking and especially smoking can damage your skin.  Smoking is the second leading cause of premature aging.  Drinking can also age your skin, though not nearly as bad as smoking, and in moderation there is nothing wrong with a few cocktails, but the key word is moderation, don't overdue it.
Applying a vitamin E topical cream is a step that can help you look younger.  Vitamin E will help to fight free radicals and sun damage right at the skin level.  In the past there were debates about how much topical vitamin E worked and was actually absorbed, but treatments that are available now have been shown to be much more effective in being absorbed by the body.
These anti aging tips will help you look younger, but there is one last important step to take and that is to exercise regularly.  Whether that be resistance training at the gym, or running, exercise promotes blood flow throughout your body and will help you not only look younger but feel younger as well.  Increased blood flow helps your skin work at it's optimum level, and healthy skin is beautiful skin.  Besides the outward appearance that exercise helps it also promotes bone density, a healthy heart, and a host of other positive effects to help you look and feel your best throughout every stage of life.
This article is not providing any advice on any medical, diet, or health related matters.  Always consult your doctor before making any changes to your diet, exercise routine, or before using any type of products on your skin or body.

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