Bed wetting is one problem almost all children go through. A parent should not worry about her child bed wetting because children bladders are never that strong enough to hold a lot of urine, and if they happen to be caught up in deep sleep their bladders easily give in resulting to bed wetting. Another reason why parents should not worry is because there are many effective techniques, that when applied efficiently stops the problem. These are some of the steps that if a parent follows to the letter will be guaranteed to stop the problem.

Best ways to stop bed wetting

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Accept- you should encourage your child to accept the fact that he/she does wet the bed, assure him/her that there is nothing wrong or wicked about bed wetting, and promise him/her to do all you can to help in solving the problem. Accepting a problem is a step towards solving it.

Limiting water- you should ensure that your child gets plenty of water at day time and little during the night, a few hours before the child goes to bed. By your child having little water in his/her system it will reduce chances of your child bed wetting in the hopeful sleeping hours of the night.

Demystify the issue- let the child know how common the problem is by informing him/her of other family members who used to wet their beds and how he overcame it. This makes your child more comfortable as he/she realizes that he/she is not the first and the only one having the problem. You may also consider explaining to him/her how common bed wetting is, its causes and that it is treatable.

Using the restroom- it is important that you encourage your child to visit the restroom first before going to sleep. It may seem as an obvious way to stop bed wetting but very efficient as it makes your child go to bed with an empty bladder.

Specially made pajamas- if other methods seem not to be working for you, you may consider buying specially designed pajamas which absorb urine released when the child bed wets. The pajamas prevent the urine from reaching the bed and causing an unwanted mess. The child also gains more confidence and desire to try and overcome the problem.

Offer rewards- you should offer your child a reward on days following the nights he/she goes without wetting the beds. This will act as a motivation to want to stop bed wetting and therefore doing all they can to stop bed wetting and thus get the reward. 


Do not punish-This has the reverse effect.  Plus you would not punish your child for having poor vision or an overly active thyroid problem.  Why would you punish them for having a bladder that is not functioning properly?  Yes there are stupid parents out there that will think the child has control over this problem.  Do not be one of the idiots that do this.

Urinary bed alarms- it is one of the methods regarded as the most effective treatment for bed wetting. The alarms come in different styles and all have moisture sensors/detectors and an alarm. Once the sensor detects moisture, an almost immediate sounding of the alarm Bell and padCredit: easypediatrics.comfollows alerting your child to wake up and visit the restroom. If it does not wake them up, it will at least trigger the brain to come from a deep sleep and the brain will start to control the bladder more. 

Anti-diuretic- just like bed wetting alarm, it works by slowing down the production of urine in the kidney when the child is resting. It is also advisable that you exercise the child as this increases the capacity of the bladder by strengthening the bladder muscle resting tone. Please only do this with the control of your doctor.  There are prescription medications that are used for this.  I talk about this later.  Do not use over the counter medications without your doctor’s advice. 

Bladder training - this involves helping your child try delaying urination during the day. You may use different strategies of timing like egg timer, and then encourage him/her to inform when he/she really feels he has to go. Slowly and steadily increase the minutes while focusing at achieving your set target time.

Waterproof sheets- disposable underwear and plastic sheets prevent urine from reaching the bedding and as a result save the mattress and sanity. Consider using the 'double bubble' style of making the bed. This includes laying a plastic sheet first, the regular sheet followed by a blanket; and the process repeated again.

Listening to your child- in rare occasions do children wet their beds purposefully. Setting some time aside to listen to your child's fear and concern, and then plan ways of dealing with the problem.

Bed wetting medications- this only works as long as the child will be taking the medication; ones stopped the child resumes bed wetting almost immediately. The main disadvantage of using medication is that it may have side effects. Examples of this bed wetting treatment options include:

DDAVP (desmopressin) - This is a synthetic copy of your body chemical, responsible for controlling production of urine. It works best if given at bedtime.
Imipramine (Tofranil-PM, Tofranil) - this is a type of antidepressant whose function is to reduce production of urine and affects the child's length of time of holding urine.

The problems with the medications are as soon as you stop using the medications, most children will go back to bed wetting.  The medication should be in conjunction with the Bell and Pad method alarms listed above.  The pajamas are a good idea to use with.  Therapy may be needed if they bed-wetting is caused by some psychological cause such as Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, Sexual Abuse, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder. 

The solutions above given the right emphasis; and with the co-operation of the child, bed wetting will be a thing of the past.  As a former member of the plastic sheet brigade, I can testify that your child wants to stop the bed wetting as much as you want them to.  This can be embarrassing for the child and make him or her not be able to spend the night with friends or have sleep over’s themselves.  The child does not like waking up feeling wet.  They fear the punishment that could be coming.  The child wants to please their parents and knows this is not pleasing. 

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Encourage and provide support for your child.  Remember do not punish. Take care of yourself and others.  Make today and everyday a great day.  

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