If you enjoy watching and listening to songbirds around your house, you hate to see the occasional bird fly into a window. The impact can leave the birds stunned, injured, or worse. The reason birds fly into windows is because they cannot see the glass, or it is reflecting the outside trees and sky, so it looks like an open space to them.

songbird feeder

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Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to help protect birds from flying into your glass windows.

Move Bird Feeders
If you have bird feeders up close to your windows, you may want to consider moving the feeders to the outside of your deck or further back from your windows.

Screen the Window
Birds seem to hit large expanses of glass more often. If it is possible to put a screen on the outside of the window without impeding your view, the screen will break up the outside reflection and help protect the birds.

Add Some Movement
The Audubon Society reports that you can add movement to the outside of the window by attaching small clumps of tinsel strands to the top of the window frame. The tinsel strands move in the breeze and help deter birds from flying too close to the window.

Interrupt the Large Glass Expanse
Break up the large pane of glass by sticking decals on the outside. I have seen commercial buildings with bird decals on windows for this purpose. You can also hang small suncatchers or a stained glass artwork on the outside of the window.

Help protect the lives of our feathered friends with one of these safety measures.

Tip -

Decals or suncatchers are good ideas on sliding glass doors to keep people from walking into them.