Tips on How to Reduce Blushing

If you blush when you are embarrassed it can seem like everyone around you is going to notice, which only makes the problem worse. In fact, many people think that blushing is cute and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Most people probably won't even pick up on the fact you are blushing unless you draw attention to it. However, if you hate blushing at inopportune moments, like when you come face to face with someone you fancy, or when people tell rude jokes, for instance, there are some tricks you can learn on how to stop blushing. You should check with your doctor first, however, to make sure that your blushing isn't caused by some underlying health problem.

You May Grow Out of It

If you are only young, perhaps still a teenager, your blushing may be hormonal. If this is the case you will naturally grow out of it, so try not to worry too much about it in the mean time. Also, many teenagers feel uncomfortable socially until they find their feet, so you probably won't stand out that much if you blush. With all the hormones flying around and embarrassing social situations, many of your peers will be experiencing the same problem.

Work on Your Confidence

Learning how to improve your social skills can help improve your confidence, which will help you stop blushing out of embarrassment. Not everyone is naturally gifted socially, so you can always work on your abilities by reading advice and practicing. Force yourself to be with other people as much as possible. Don't hide yourself away. You will only feel worse when you do have to face people and be more likely to blush.

Physical Causes of Facial Flushing

Facial reddening occurs when blood rushes to the blood vessels in the face. This type of blushing can be caused by physical factors as well as embarrassment. Eating spicy foods, being too hot or too cold, drinking too much alcohol and stress can all be causes of redness in the face. Avoid spicy foods, don't drink too much and dress sensibly to keep your temperature constant. This may stop your face from being so red much of the time.

Make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day. Dehydration can cause facial flushing, so drinking enough water is essential to prevent unwanted blushing. Also, if you know you are going to have to make a speech, speak to people who intimidate you, or meet with a person you fancy, you can prevent blushing for up to 30 minutes simply by drinking an icy bottle of water a few minutes before you enter the situation.

Learn to Relax

Learn stress relieving techniques like meditation or deep breathing exercises and consider doing tai chi, or yoga, to lower your general anxiety levels. The calmer you are, the less likely you are to blush. Anger can also make us go red in the face so, again, stress lowering techniques can help with this.

Tricks to Reduce the Redness in Your Face

When you blush, consciously relax your neck and shoulder muscles and breathe deeply. This can help to quickly reduce the reddening in your face. Smile too. A little redness in the cheeks is natural when we smile, so this is a good way to disguise a blush. Think about jumping into an icy pond at the same time. This may help to cool you down and prevent blushing.

Carry on as Normal and Act Naturally

Don't try to cover up your face if you blush. You will only attract attention to it. If you carry on as normal, people are much more likely to think you are naturally flushed, rather than blushing out of embarrassment. In fact, if you do some exercise before you go into potentially awkward and embarrassing social situations, you will look rosy in the cheeks from the exertion and any blushing won't be noticeable at all. Exercise also helps to release calming endorphins into the brain. This will make you less likely to get anxious and blush.


The important thing to remember when trying to learn how to stop blushing, is that worrying about it and over-analyzing situations where you are likely to blush, will only make the problem worse. Ideally you need to be comfortable with yourself whether you blush or not. Once you stop caring whether you blush, you are much less likely to do so. Don't forget it's you that is mainly concerned about whether you are blushing or not, rather than other people. The people you are socializing with will probably have their own issues and worries to think about. It's unlikely they will even notice that you are blushing.




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