How to stop breastfeeding is commonly asked by mothers who fear that they might hurt their child in this process. Yes, weaning can be a difficult and painful stage for both mothers and babies. This is why many mothers seek for ways to somehow make this phase less painfully for both of them. In this article, you will get tips on how to stop breastfeeding with less fights and arguments with your babies.

We all know that weaning form breastfeeding is no easy feat. So listen up mommies as I'll be giving you tips on how to survive the weaning phase.

Breastfeeding is said to create a bond between the mother and child. But don't let weaning come across the bond you have created with your beloved child. Make weaning an enjoyable stage (somehow) by following these tips:

  • Do not stop breastfeeding if you have just hired a new nanny to take care of the baby. This will be stressful for him or her so wait until he or she becomes adjusted to the new nanny.
  • Take away one feeding time per week. Start with the feeding time that your baby shows least interest in.
  • Replace your feeding times with another fun and boding activity such as going to the park, reading stories, playing or exercising, or other fun activities that take you baby's mind off feeding.
  • You can give your baby feeding bottles or sippy cups as an alternative to breastfeeding.
  • Stay away from your usual nursing places. Instead, have a new feeding place. In the kitchen perhaps?
  • Avoid your usual nursing positions. You can try to position your baby facing out so that he may not think of nursing. You can also add distractions to keep your baby entertained while nursing.
  • You can ask for somebody else's help during this tough time. Perhaps, you can ask your baby's dad to do the feeding at particular times to make baby less reminded of breastfeeding.
  • Most likely, the feeding time before sleeping at night is the last one to go. You can read bedtime stories, change pajamas, sing a lullaby or even play before going to sleep. These activities will tire out your baby to a point that they forget about feeding.
  • Offer lots of care and attention during this time. There is a tendency that babies feel rejected, deserted or unloved by their parent because of weaning so you should shower your baby with lots of attention. Cuddles, hugs and kisses are all good too.
  • Do not give in to your baby's cries and whims. Be tough in showing your decision about weaning.
  • Always check your breasts. If you feel that they are too full, pump out enough milk until the full feeling goes away. This will lessen your milk supply as time goes by. Doing this will also prevent breast engorgement. Do not over-pump though as this will only make way for faster milk production.
  • Massage your breasts to get rid of the lumps you acquire during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How to stop breastfeeding may be a difficult question and tough time but it can be made easier if you just follow the steps above. There's more from where these tips came from. You can get more information by just looking for online resources. I'm sure you will get to find one that can answer all your questions. Good luck!