To Stop Dogs Pulling Takes Patience

The main reason our dogs pull us along when allowed is, they can walk at lot faster than we can. So it's down to us to teach them this it not acceptable when on a leash , so how do we this? Well its very simple no need for gadgets or the latest anti dog pulling shock harness or what ever the latest device maybe, the secret to stopping you dog pulling on his lead is patience, timing and his favourite tasty treats.

What not to do
when you practice this method the last thing you should do is "check the leash" (pull back on the leash) If you keep checking the leash all your dog will learn is,to go forward he has to pull pulling on the leashCredit: flickr commons licenseharder so unless you want to spend the rest of his life walking round with your arm being pulled from its socket stop this action. In a dogs mind when he pulls you along he is getting rewarded for his efforts of pulling, we need to change this behavior.

what to do

When he loses attention and when you first start to practise this he will and the leash starts to go tight again stop walking without any warning, wait for your dog to give you his attention again and reward him for it the key is reward the desired behavior in this case his attention and ignore his pulling.First stand still stay quiet till your dog stops trying to pull you, when he does praise him give him a treat, take a few steps forward as soon as the lead goes tight again stop say nothing,  wait till your dog stops pulling again and turns to see whats happened to you praise him and give him a treat for giving you his attention. Encourage your dog back to the "heel" position at your side if needs be take a few steps backwards. while your dog remains at your side when walking continually praise him a feed him those tasty reward treats, make being by your side when walking, the best place in the world.stop dogs pulling on the leash(133560)Credit: wiki commons

Your dog is not going to learn this over night in fact the first few sessions will be painfully slow, especially if your dogs been pulling you around for a few years but don't quit after a couple of sessions you will start to see some improvement. One tip to help is before you practice walking on the leash. Take your dog somewhere where he can run off some energy play fetch for half hour do something to get rid of his initial excitement then practise walking on the leash.

patiencestop dogs pulling(133559)Credit: wiki commons

To stop dogs pulling on the leash takes patience it really can be a frustrating time for you and your dog but do not quit he will learn. Do not shout or otherwise punish your dog. When he does pull you remember to ignore the behavior you don't want (pulling) and reward the behavior you do (his attention) and keep practising it may take 2 to 3 weeks for your dog to be a model leash walker but that is a very short time over the course of his life



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