Excessive face sweating or facial hyperhidrosis is a difficult condition to have since it can affect the sufferer's ability to mingle with other people. Too much sweating on the face is hard to hide and this often becomes a source of embarrassment. Worse, it can also cause facial odor, which only compounds the problem. Facial hyperhidrosis can also cause sweating on the scalp, even if you are not doing anything physical that can make you sweat profusely. Because of this, people who suffer from it develop nervousness, become paranoid and get extremely irritable. This condition can affect everybody and is often inherited from parents.

Facial hyperhidrosis is a sweating disorder that can be traced back to the sympathetic nervous system not functioning properly. Experts are yet to determine the real cause behind it. However, it is the person's sympathetic nervous system that gets the blame and they believe that something went haywire for the condition to occur. Excessive face sweating can be cured without the aid of surgery. There are treatments that can effectively control facial hyperhidrosis, especially in mild cases. Antiperspirants are the leading treatment for mild facial hyperhidrosis. There are also prescription drugs that can keep the sweating under control. Botox injections can also be used but they don't have lasting effects.

Excessive sweating on the face is the result of a sympathetic nervous system working overtime. This part of your system is responsible for the sweating function of your body. It is made up of nerves and neural fibers that are beyond your control. The nerves and fibers are triggered by emotions and psychological conditions. They launch into action every time you experience stressful situation such as speaking in public or taking an exam.

Surgery is one solution to excessive face sweating. Endoscopic Transthoracic Sympathicotomy or ETS is often recommended in severe cases. An anesthesia is needed when undergoing this extreme procedure. It stops the hyper activity of the nerves and fibers that cause the excessive sweating. Although invasive, those who have undergone ETS say that it is a perfectly safe procedure. However, certain complications and problems have been known to arise. People with facial hyperhidrosis should see a physician immediately to ask for the appropriate treatment. They should not take it for granted so they don't have to suffer for the rest of their lives.