Did you know that Facebook can track you even if you are not logged into Facebook? Its true, using “Facebook connect” and social plug-ins, Facebook can set tracking cookies to track you. They can track you browsing history, IP address, phone numbers and log-in information not related to the Facebook website.

If this is making you feel a little uneasy than relax, there are ways to prevent Facebook from tracking you. This will help you limit the amount of information that they collect about you and help you remain anonymous while you surf the web.

The first place to start is with your browser. All of the major web browsers today have the ability to block websites from adding tracking cookies on your computer. It is fairly easy to change the settings on your browser.

Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & SecurityCredit: Amazon

Complete Guide to Internet Privacy, Anonymity & Security

With Firefox: Click on “Tools”, then click on the Options and click on the Privacy tab. Now check on the box that says, "Tell websites I do not want to be tracked." For some added protection you can also change the history settings to “Never remember history.”

With the Chrome browser: Click on Preferences then click on “Settings”, go to Advanced Settings, then Privacy and finally click on “Content Settings” then Click on "Block Third Party Cookies and Site Data."

If you are using Safari: Start by clicking Preferences, then click on Security, “Accept Cookies”, and select "never." As with Firefox, you should also set your browsing privately to not store your history and passwords.

With Internet Explorer 10: Starting with Internet explorer 10, the default setting is set to “Do not track” so you don't have to make any changes.

By doing this step you will block many websites from tracking your surfing activities. In addition to adjusting your browser settings there are some plug-ins for your browser that will also help you surf in privacy.

One of the plug-ins you should install is named “Ghostery” which has around 16 million users making it a very popular plug-in. Ghostery is available for most web browsers and will show you who is tracking you and let you block the trackers. Ghostery is free to use and doesn’t have any spyware or adware.

Another popular plug-in that can block Facebook and other websites from tracking you is called “Do Not Track Plus”. Like Ghostery, this plug-in stops trackers from spying on your web surfing activities. This plug-in is also free to use and does not contain spyware or adware.

Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and SecurityCredit: Amazon

Nothing to Hide: The False Tradeoff between Privacy and Security

Adblockplus is yet another web browser that can help protect your privacy. Adblockplus is designed to stop adware from displaying on the websites that you visit. A lot of these adware programs also track your web surfing habbits.

Noscript is one more plug-in that you should install. Noscript stops JavaScript and flash from running on your computer. Since most tracking software uses JavaScript, preventing JavaScript from running on your computer can protect you from being tracked.

By combining Adblockplus and noscript with Ghostery or Do Not Track Plus, you can surf the internet with peace of mind that nobody is tracking your surfing habits. Whither you like Facebook tracking you or not, Facebook won't likely stop doing it in the near future. If you're concerned about it, you should use these suggestions to protect your online privacy.