Sure-fire way to stop your hiccups now!

An old & trusted family remedy.

Hiccups can be funny at first, yet after a while can become very irritating and disruptive. There’s a lot of suggestions out there as to how to make them stop, but I’ve found this family remedy to be the one that works for me, and everyone I’ve ever suggested it to. It's easy, and no acrobatics are involved!

I've also included an illustration (below) to help you visualize it. 

  1. Fill a glass about half way up to three quarters with water.
  2. Get a paper napkin (use a paper towel if you don't have a napkin)
  3. Stretch the napkin over the top of the glass. 
  4. Hold it tightly with your hands and slowly sip the water through the napkin, being very careful not to let the napkin rip. In a way, you are sucking the water through the napkin, in tiny sips, very carefully
  5. Do this continually. Don’t take a sip and stop, but continue to slowly sip through the napkin until you finish the water. 

That's it! You'll be hiccup-free! 

I don't know where this remedy originally came from, but it's been used in my family for generations. I hope it helps you!

Stopping HiccupsCredit: joette tizzone


What causes hiccups?

Generally hiccups happen when we swallow too much air, like if we're talking too fast or eating too fast, or talking fast while eating fast... you get the idea.

Emotional stress can also be a factor, as can smoking and drinking too much alcohol. (1)

It's said that when a spasm contracts our diaphragm, a hiccup occurs. The spasm causes a breath to be stopped by the vocal chords and creates a hiccup sound. (1)

What if my hiccups don't stop?

While they are rare, hiccups that last longer than 48 hours are called persistent hiccups. Hiccups that last longer than a month, are called intractable hiccups. If your hiccups last longer than 48 hours, contact your doctor, as they might be a sign of a serious health problem. (1)

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