The thoughts can be overwhelming sometimes. You have work that needs to get done but the worry, fear, anxiety, and everything else that just gets in the way. You never plan it that way. You work to stay positive and excited but it’s easy to get caught off guard.  Next thing you know you’re thinking negative again. You might wonder how to stop negative thinking from being your natural tendency. You can do it. It’s not easy. By following a few specific strategies you can steadily reduce your natural tendency to think negatively and replace it with a passion for the challenges you face.

Make It A Must

You must want to change bad. You cannot change something so natural without some intensity. To learn to eliminate negative thinking before it comes, you first must master the habit of getting out of negative thinking, the instant you’re conscious of it. You can practice this in a number of ways but a simple strategy is to put an elastic around one wrist. Every time you see that elastic you need to remember why it’s there. You’ll remember your goal repeatedly throughout the day. Every time you start thinking negatively, pull the elastic a bit and let go. It will sting a little if you do it right. Some people prefer just to switch which wrist the elastic is on. I believe the sting speeds the process up a bit. Just don’t hurt yourself too bad. Let the pain go away for a moment. Then think positively.

Catch and Correct

You will catch yourself faster and faster. You might even link thinking negatively to direct pain to negative thinking. It will help remind you of your goals through the tough times. Over a few weeks you will never have to worry about the process of catching yourself. It will come natural to you. That is the first step in how to stop negative thinking. That is not the ultimate goal though. The second step is a long process. It’s a repeatable process used for every trigger that causes your negative thinking.

Eliminate the Trigger

Over the weeks of using the elastic technique, or whatever technique you choose to use, you’ll begin to notice the exact times when you tend to think negatively. Write a list of the most common triggers. As you write the list, consider what you can do to eliminate this trigger from your life. That does not mean to murder your boss or leave your wife. There are situations that you should probably leave, that is a personal decision, but a better attitude to take is that you need to change your perspective on the situation. For example, if you think negatively every time your boss scolds you for work performance then you could consider a couple main option. Could you improve your work performance? If so, then eliminate that trigger by improving your work performance. If you genuinely believe that the boss is just being cruel or another negative emotion then change the way you look at it. He is trying to make you the best that you can be. He might even be preparing you for a better higher paying job. It might sometimes come off as cruel but he really cares. Whether that is true or not doesn’t matter. The change of attitude from a simple change of perspective can make miracles happen. Repeat this will your top triggers.


It will require consistent practice but eventually your top triggers will begin to be triggers for more positive thought. Work at it. Once you master all of your top triggers you must then one by one eliminate all of the little ones that come up. The great thing about this method is that it easily transfers to new situation. If your next boss is just as cruel, you’ll be ready and your trained reaction will continue. This is a method of how to stop negative thinking. This is not intended for those that aren’t dedicated to making this change. But once it’s made. It can change your life.