Trying to learn how to stop smoking cravings? Quitting smoking is a very difficult thing for most smokers to do. Nicotine is an addiction and this addiction makes quitting one of the hardest things a person can do in their lives. Many smokers wonder how to stop smoking cravings which occur during the quitting process and make it even more difficult to quit for good. In this article we’ll examine some things you can do to eliminate the urge to smoke when you are trying to quit.

How to Stop Smoking Cravings with Diet

One of the easiest ways you can learn how to stop smoking cravings is to have a look at your diet. You probably have several trigger foods you associate with smoking with one of the most common being coffee or alcohol. During the quitting process you should try to reduce or eliminate these trigger foods so you’re not tempted to smoke when having them. You should also add in some fresh whole foods such as plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains during your quitting process because these will help provide you with the energy you need and can reduce your overall cravings for cigarettes.

Occupy Yourself with Distractions

Cigarette cravings are usually short term intense cravings for a cigarette. During this time you can occupy yourself with small distractions. These can be as simple flipping through a magazine or having a glass of water during the time of your urge to smoke. If you have a cell phone, use that to occupy your hands so you’re not tempted to reach for a cigarette. Think of anything else besides smoking and the craving will soon pass. I went through periods like this when I was trying to quit and I found that by just distracting myself from the cravings for a few minutes I was able to get a handle on it and move forward.

Get Active

Another great way to eliminate your smoking cravings is to do some physical activity. As a smoker you have probably been very inactive so getting active when you are trying to quit will not only help you feel better but it will speed up the healing process your body is going through. Be sure to take the activity very slowly at first and don’t rush into anything. Stop if you feel too much discomfort and take it easy.  Start with some small walks for about fifteen to thirty minutes to reduce your cravings for cigarettes. You may experience cold-like coughing periods during exercise as your lungs are clearing out. This is usually mild but can vary depending upon how much you smoked but shouldn’t interrupt your exercise.

Seek Support

If you are having smoking cravings go online and seek support through one of the many support groups you’ll find for people trying to quit smoking. Talking to other people will get your mind off of smoking and you might learn some new ways to reduce your cravings that you didn’t think of before. Don’t go through this process yourself seek as much support as you can find to raise your chances for success. Let your friends know you are trying to quit smoking so they can support you during the time of your quit period and help keep you honest.

Stop Smoking Aids

There are many fantastic stop smoking aids on the market that with help you with your smoking cravings. When I was quitting I used the nicotine gum and other people I have known used the nicotine patch. There are more options available not such as nicotine lozenges and an inhaler shaped like a cigarette. These are the perfect tools to use when you have those cravings. Just remember that you can’t smoke when using these stop smoking aids.  You may need to experiment some and see which of these smoking aids works the best for you. Be sure to follow the directions carefully to get the most benefit from the smoking aid. As you use the products more you’ll end up cutting back on your dosage and gradually quit using the product. Don’t stop using the product until the directions tell you to.

See a Doctor

A doctor may be able to give you some other stop smoking advice or help you with your cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. See your doctor during your quitting process if you experience any health issues such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing. You may also find yourself feeling very ill as you withdraw from cigarettes but this will vary depending upon the person or you may not have any symptoms at all.

You Can Quit Smoking

After several attempts I was successful in quitting smoking and you can too. The cravings for smokes can be intense but it’s possible to get over them. Just remember that the cravings only last for a few minutes and by distracting yourself you can get over the initial feelings. Use a stop smoking aid such as a piece of nicotine gum or just go for a short walk until the craving passes. Change your diet and start eating wholesome foods when you are trying to quit to help heal your body faster and be sure to get some physical activity. Seek the support of friends and visit online stop smoking forums for extra encouragement when you are having thoughts about smoking again due to the cravings. If you do some once or twice during your quit time don’t give up and go right back to trying to quit again because you may need to try quitting several times before you are eventually completely successful. Talk to your doctor about other ways you can reduce your smoking cravings and be sure to read many of the great stop smoking books which will give you some ideas to help reduce your cravings for cigarettes. Good luck with the quitting process and just remember that the cravings will pass with time and you can find success with quitting smoking.