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When people talk about hypnosis, it usually invokes images of magician-like characters using a pendant, swinging like a pendulum, to hypnotize a person. How many times have we heard these lines? “Look at this pendant and follow it with your eyes. When I flick my finger, you will obey my every command and do everything I tell you to.” That person is then lead to do things like acting like an animal, or portraying abilities that the person previously doesn’t have, like super strength or extreme flexibility. Usually, these are for show. Most often they are fun and funny, other times they could also be scary, but if you still think that hypnosis is just trick, think again.

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Medically speaking, hypnosis has grown popular and widely used over the years.  While hypnosis has been around and used in the medical field as a legitimate practice for quite some time now, it is only recently that medical professionals are taking a second look at it  and try it on chronic smokers.

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Smoking, as we know, like any form of addiction, is very difficult to get rid. Nicotine, the addictive substance found in cigarettes, once gotten used to by our system, keeps a smoker urging for more. This is the reason why this habit is very hard to just drop.

For the intervention to work, the smoker must first accept his addiction and understand the consequences of being a smoker. Acceptance that there is a problem on the part of the smoker, helps a lot to determine the cause of the situation. For hypnosis to work, the subject must at least be a willing participant.

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A professional called a hypnotherapist performs the hypnosis over a period of time. This is a rarely one time session. Stop smoking through hypnosis courses works gradually, usually with results becoming evident after 2 or 3 sessions. “Slowly but surely,” that’s the great thing about this particular therapy. Since smoking is a habit acquired over some significant period of time, it is but natural that one cannot get rid of it in a blink of an eye, but it can be done.

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In depth studies revealed that more than the addictive side effects of nicotine, the habit of smoking is psychological, and quitting and the difficulty thereof, is also a psychological issue. That’s why hypnosis works well with this type of addiction. The goal of the hypnosis is to, in a sense, alter one’s mindset. It convinces our brains that we don’t need to smoke because we don’t get anything from it except sickness and pollution. Hypnosis usually works better if it focuses on the positive things like the benefits a person gains by quitting smoking. Topping that list would be a longer life, healthier body, stronger lungs and cleaner air for everyone, including most especially your loved ones, who are also indirectly affected by our smoking habit with what we call second-hand smoke, which is apparently more dangerous to a person’s health.