If you suffer from sweaty feet, then taking off your shoes can be something you don't like to do in public, for fear of odor. Sweaty feet, are actually more common than you may think. But some people just seem to naturally have more sweat action than others do. So you need to get a bit more proactive.

If you have been to the Doctor and there is no medical reason for your sweaty issues, or odor problem, then there are a few ways you can tackle this problem.

Antiperspirant Spray 

Head to the drugstore, you will now find that there are more products for this common problem. Many people used to resort to using the same antiperspirant that they would use under their arms, but in actual fact, this may not be strong enough. The antiperspirant sprays for feet, are designed just for this problem. You can spray this on your clean and dry skin, to at least control some wetness and odor.


Wash Daily if Not Twice a Day

This may be a pain, and you may think you cover this in the shower, but you need to really pay attention to your toes, with some antibacterial soap, and get right in between the toes.

Then dry them very well, then add some powder and or the antiperspirant before putting on good athletic socks.

Odor Eater Style Inserts 

Purchase a few packages of those odor eater style inserts to put in all your shoes. Change them every month or so. This helps to protect your shoes from your sweaty skin also, so it would be worth investing in a few packages of these. They keep it out of the shoes much longer than regular inserts.

Invest in Athletic Socks 

Everyone tends to get cotton socks when they have a sweat problem, but since they do absorb better, they just tend to keep the wetness at your toes, which can lead to other problems such as fungal infections etc.

Head to a good sports store, they will carry synthetic moisture wicking socks, that many athletes use that help to wick the moisture away from your skin. This will help with odors that are associated with sweaty feet as well.

Wash Your Shoes

If you wear runners, make sure they are washable, as this is another way to keep odor problems away, and to prevent build up. Wearing leather shoes, then you need to wash the inside out with baking soda and water and stuff with newspaper once in a while. You can read about that in this article How to Clean Smelly Shoes.


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Purchase Shoes that Can Breathe

Getting the right shoes helps a lot with sweaty feet. Try to wear sandals or opened toed shoes as much as you can, but if you can't, then get shoes that have leather uppers, these will at least let your feet breathe rather than plastic uppers. Canvas shoes are good as well, plus they have the added bonus of being able to be thrown in the washer and dryer. There are also some great shoe dryers out there that can help PEET Shoe Dryer M97-FSB Original 2-Shoe Electric Dryer

If you follow the above steps, wash your feet often and make sure they are dry, use a good power or antiperspirant, use odor eater style inserts and wear proper athletic socks, then you should be able to prevent sweaty feet and the odors that are associated with it, and not have the fear of taking off your shoes! Also see How to Clean Smelly Shoes for more tips.