The Cure For Hiccups- Guaranteed!

When people get the hiccups, it can be a nuisance, especially when the hiccups happen while you are at work or around other people. (they always happen at the worst possible times, don't they?) While hiccups are not considered to be a medical emergency, they can still be annoying and distracting and make your day difficult. Imagine the challenge and embarrassment of trying to present a project to your boss when you can't seem to stop hiccuping. Most people realize that despite old wives' tales that have been passed around for years, scaring the heck out of someone doesn't work, and neither does holding your breath. Some people choose to drink several glasses of water in the hope that the water will make the hiccups vanish. Usually, this method isn't effective, either. So what is someone to do when they just can't stand it any longer and they want the cure for hiccups immediately?

How Can I Cure My Hiccups For Good?

Simple. Read this article for the cure for hiccups. I have the cure for hiccups, it's something that my mother taught me a long time ago, and it has never failed me. My husband was a huge skeptic too, until he tried it and it worked. Heck, even I was a skeptic when I first tried this method! But it works, each and every time. And now, please read on to learn the secret to stop hiccups for good! Why pay for crazy hiccup cures and secrets to cure hiccups online when you can obtain the secret to curing your hiccups for good here instantly, for free? Read on, and enjoy the relief for good.

Things You Will Need

Hiccups Glass Water Butter knife

Step 1 To Cure Your Hiccups

Breathe slowly and try to relax. While there are many different causes of hiccups, it has been said that hiccups may be linked to low oxygen levels. Breathing slowly and deeply will help you relax and increase your oxygen intake.

Step 2

Get yourself a glass of cool water and a butter knife. Fill the glass a little more than half full with water. Do not put any ice in the water; you will want to be able to drink the water easily without ice getting in the way.

Step 3

Place the butter knife in the glass, with the blade in the water. The handle of the knife will be resting on one side of the glass.

Step 4

Put the rim of the glass to your mouth, and allow the handle of the knife to rest on your forehead. This might require a couple of attempts before this is done correctly, and you may need to use your hand to help hold the knife in place. You should now be able to tip the glass while the knife handle is resting on your forehead. Don't laugh- this WILL work.

Step 5

Slowly drink the water until you have drank approximately half of what was in the glass. After taking a break for a moment or two, finish your glass of water. Have you noticed anything fascinating yet?

Step 6

You can put your glass away, because your hiccups are now gone!

See? My Cure For Hiccups Worked, Didn't It? :)

Ok, I admit that I have always felt a bit silly using this technique, but when I get the hiccups and want them gone, a few moments of looking silly is well worth it. The first time my mother showed me this I refused to do this, because I didn't want to look like a fool. Then, I figured that whatever I do, it can't look much worse than hiccuping all day and decided to try it.

You might want to go into the bathroom if you need to do this at work, or people might start looking at you funny. And they will probably not believe you when you tell them that you have the cure for hiccups. I'm not sure what makes this trick so effective- it might have something to do with the angle that you are forcing yourself to drink with when you are drinking out of a glass with a butter knife in it, but I really don't know. What I do know is that is works without fail for me, and I hope it does for you too. Of course, you can always use a spoon or a fork in a pinch, if you don't have a butter knife.

Feel free to leave me a comment and let me know how this hiccup tip worked for you, I'd love to hear about it.

Tips & Warnings

Hiccups that will not go away may be a sign of a medical condition that requires treatment. See your physician if your hiccups don't go away in a reasonable amount of time.

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