How To Stop Wage Garnishment

We live in a harsh world, for many of us working to just stay afloat is normal. If you add anymore stress to that it can be overwhelming. A wage garnishment can do just that, overwhelm an already stressful life. A wage garnishment is one of those things you dont think about until its actually happening. Maybe you have been called numerous times by bill collectors and you just put it off, it was to much to handle. Most of the time when people get into that situation, they dont know what to do. They have trouble coming up with an answer for them, or a correct date they can start making payments. Many times they cant afford to make payments, this can leave a person feeling guilty or even angry at themselves. Its understandable to feel angry at yourself especially if you have been guilty of over-spending.

If you are facing a wage garnishment, this first thing to try would be to contact the other party. The idea here is to see if something can be worked out. It shows you really care about this debt, and are willing to work with them. This will create some good will and possible help solve the problem. If you dont at least try to work with them, they most likely will proceed to more threatening ways to get their money. Thats something you dont want. Its a good idea to sit down with your budget and see what you can arrange with them. This would be the best solution.

If you can not afford to make payment arrangements, and they have filled a wage garnishment and won, there are still things you can do to stop it. This may sound insane but quiting your job stops the garnishment. It will stop it because the only way they can take your money is to draw it from your paycheck, no paycheck then they can not take your money. However this is a very bad idea and not recommended. As soon as you get another job and begin working the garnishment starts again. The wage garnishment will stop only temporary and can not bring a lasting solution.

The absolute best way to stop a wage garnishment is by filing bankruptcy. This may sound extreme, but so is a wage garnishment. The fact that you will not be getting a full paycheck because half may be going to a wage garnishment. This could cause you to not be able to make your bills each month, maybe you could lose an apartment or a home your paying mortgage on. A wage garnishment can disrupt your life and cause major stress. If things get that desperate, filing bankruptcy can help in many ways.

After you go through the procedure of filing for bankruptcy, you will learn of a term "automatic stay" this stops all creditors you owe from contacting you , and charging you. Make sure that you visit your human resource or payroll department at your place of employment. They need to know about your bankruptcy filing, and you can fax or mail a copy of page one of the voluntary petition. A stamp should be included, to give proof of the filing.

Also contact the creditors attorney, that started the garnishment. Let them know they will be on the earnings withholding paperwork. Its a good idea to provide copies to all parties involved, once everyone knows and understands life can somewhat get back to normal. After all this, you will again recieve full paychecks. Then you bankruptcy case will become a chapter 7 or 13. It could also be possible to recover funds that were garnished. As bad as filing bankruptcy sounds, sometimes its the only option. The best way to stop wage garnishment is filing bankruptcy.