Dog Cleaning Teeth

A Diet that Is Lacking

Periodontal disease is one of the biggest health problems dogs of the modern age face. Most dog owners feed dry kibble, which does not provide their furry friend with the proper gum stimulation, nor does it prevent plaque buildup or clean their pets teeth. As a result many dogs suffer psychologically and physically, as their mouth is built for tearing flesh and crunching on dense bone matter.

My Dog Samantha eating and Cceaning her teeth at the same time
Credit: ZacharyW

Dogs and Wolves In The Wild

The reason wild dogs and wolves do not suffer from Periodontal disease as do our domesticated friends, is because these animals thrive off of a natural diet consisting mostly of raw meat, bone, and organ. When wild dogs and wolves tear the flesh and eat the bones of their prey, not only are they nourishing their bodies, massaging their gums, exercising their jaw muscles and satisfying their primal instinct, they are cleaning their teeth as well.

African Wild Dogs

The Answer Is Simple

Although the appearance of the domesticated dog has changed greatly over time since evolving from the wolf, the inner workings remain the same. The domesticated dogs teeth still posses the ability to chew through bone, and digest raw meat and organ matter. When A dog chews on raw bones, it is provided with high quality protein rich enzymes. It is also very psychologically pleasing and will help develop the jaw muscles. It is no question that, raw bones are the simple solution to improving your dogs overall health and cleaning its teeth. 

Say No To Cooked Bones

Your dog is designed to devour and digest raw bones, cooked bones are another story. Cooked bones increase the risk of your dog damaging its teeth as the cooking process makes bones harder and more likely to splinter. Cooked chicken bones can be especially dangerous for your dog, as they can splinter and cause internal bleeding or choking. Cooked bones can also increase the risk of constipation for your dog and can cause pain for your dog when it defecates.

Makes sure that when you feed your dog bones they are raw, and are a proper size for him or her to chew.