Dogs can develop bad habits quickly. It seems as if you feed them at the table once or share a snack with them, your dog thinks it should have every time. Your kids may love it because it will get them out of eating their vegetables when they sneak them to the family dog under the table. As dog owners we do not like it. First dogs really should not eat table food or people snacks. Much of this type of food is not healthy for them. In fact a lot of people food can make a dog very sick such as chocolate or grapes. The second reason we do not like a dog begging at the table is because it is plain annoying and it is even worse if the dog decides to become a food thief and snatch the food right off of our tables and maybe even our plates. So how to you stop this annoying dog behavior and get your dog to eat only his own healthy dog food?

Feed your dog only in his dog bowl. Start this habit when he or she is a puppy. Never give your dog food that you are eating because your dog will expect it every time. Start with good habits.

Place a few pennies in an old, clean soda can and place a piece of tape over the opening. As soon as your dog begs at the table shake the can. The loud noise will startle him. Firmly tell him "no". It is very important to be consistent. You have to make the correction every time, there are no exceptions.

Remove your dog from the room you are eating in as soon as he or she begs. Your dog will soon begin to associate begging with isolation. Dogs are very social creatures and like to be with their people. You have to be very consistent with this also. You have to be willing to get up and remove the dog from the room every single time. After you have finished eating, bring your dog back into the room.

Feed your dog at your dinner time. That way your dog will be occupied and not hungry while you are eating.