How to store jewelry is a question every person asks themselves when they have expensive jewelry, when they open their drawer or jewelry box and everything is in one big mess, or when they cannot find a special piece that they are looking for. 

How to Store Expensive Jewelry

Expensive jewelry, or less expensive but sentimentally special jewelry, needs care to be sure that it lasts.  Scratching and tarnish can rapidly diminish its looks and its value.

  • Store each piece in a separate compartment if your jewelry box allows.  If not, buy personal jewelry bags.  The bags should be specific for jewelry.  Silver especially needs tarnish proof cloth.  The bags should breathe so there is no moisture buildup which can ruin some stones and promote tarnish.  Storing individually will stop the items from scratching each other.
  • Keep away from heat.
  • Keep away from moisture.  Moisture will ruin some stones, and silver tarnishes when it gets wet.
  • For a decorative table top holder, consider putting a few spare teacups on the counter.  Line them with some tarnish proof cloth.  When you take off your jewelry, you can drop it into the cup and it will get a chance to dry thoroughly before storing it away.  The cups also give you a place to store jewelry while showering or any other activity with water.
  • For chains and necklaces, get a necklace holder.  These come in standup styles How To Store Jewelry(69313)Credit: PD - you hang them and others where you lay them out.  You can also get some of the tarnish proof cloth (It comes in very handy) all lay out the chains.

How to Store Less Expensive Jewelry

If you have jewelry that is not worth the cost of special care, such as costume jewelry, or just cheap pieces easily replaced, you can be less careful with it. 

  • Teacups or little boxes on the counter will be handy places to store rings and bracelets.  You can still line them with cloth, or not.  Group like items together.  You can put the cups in a drawer to keep them out of sight, for privacy or neatness.
  • For bracelets and necklaces, hooks on the wall right at hand can work.

How To Store Jewelry With Security In Mind

If you are looking for tips in how to store jewelry to keep it safe, keep these tips in mind.

    How To Store JewelryCredit: PD
  • If your jewelry is very expensive, do not keep them in an obvious place.  It is nice to open a jewelry box and rummage through your pieces before deciding what to wear, but a thief will go straight to the jewelry box when robbing you.  Keep the more expensive pieces separate, maybe in a safe or the kitchen cupboard.  Still store in the manners listed above.
  • Store your jewelry away from places where it can get lost easily.  For example, putting one of the teacups mentioned above on the sink counter might not be a good idea.  Sooner or later something will be dropped in the sink.  Watch out for heaters grates in the floor, or even loose floorboards.

Just take a little time to get a system set up, and it will be easy to follow and keep your jewelry safe and in good shape.  Knowing how to store jewelry will keep your investment intact.

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