Different Ways To Straighten Your Teeth

Getting your teeth straightened is a good idea for anyone who wants to have a beautiful smile. There are other perks to this, such as decreasing the risk of tooth decay and gum disease and of course, an increase in self confidence. A beautiful smile makes you feel good and look great, inside and out. This article will outline some of the various methods that are available for straighten your teeth.

Traditional Metal Braces Are Popular

Traditional braces haven't lost too much popularity, considering all of the new option that are now available. Traditional braces involve cementing metal brackets on your teeth, which are moved around with a wire that runs across them. You will have to see an orthodontist a couple of times each month so that the braces can be adjusted slightly, straightening your teeth out a little bit with each visit. Most orthodontists have in house financing available for this option, or you can use a credit card to finance it yourself. Metal Braces are not a fast method of straightening your teeth by any means, but are a tried and true method that has been trusted for many years.

Invisalign Is Expensive And Is For Adults Only

Invisalign is another option that is relatively new, and is usually used on adults, as opposed to children. When you use Invisalign to straighten your teeth, the orthodontist will create many clear plastic molds known as aligners, that you will wear on top of your regular teeth, that work to straighten out your teeth little by little, just like braces do. They are removable, and are usually changed out every two weeks. This option is very comfortable for the patient, and causes very little discomfort. Invisalign cannot be used on major crooked teeth, or on mouths that are still growing. Invisalign is recommended for adults who need some minor corrections, or a small amount of smile enhancing. Some orthodontists offer financing for this treatment method, and some do not. Invisalign itself offers limited financing for their product.

Veneers Are Great For Quick Changes 

Veneers are another method to straighten or improve your smile. Veneers are porcelain teeth that go over your natural teeth permanently, and can help close caps and improve shape. There is a new type of veneer available called Lumineers, which claim to be pain free, a notion that the author of this article does not agree with. They are not painless; you will need to have your natural teeth shaved down in order for the veneers to fit onto your teeth properly. They offer nearly instant results and can be done by most cosmetic dentists, however, they are a very expensive option and there are usually very limited financing options available for them.

Be sure to weigh the pros and cons of each smile straightening method carefully before making a decision. Teeth straightening requires commitment and time; be sure that you are able to put the effort and time into attending all of your appointments in order achieve the best results.