Get Stronger

You are an all-powerful and strong human being. You are unstoppable, all challenges are smashed by your might and strength.


You feel dominant as your strength roams throughout your body. Imagine this was actually you, how would you feel?

Having an  great feature about yourself like above average strength will give you more than respect, it will give you this special feeling of feeling like this potent superhuman who can do anything.


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Get The Strength:


Whether your man or a woman, you have strength and you are strong. You get to choose if you want more of it and if you already are getting more of it, great for you.

This is a guide to how to get stronger. There's no myths or opinions here. Just straight facts on how you can get to be an all-powerful and stronger person.

The strength in this article means physical power and energy. It's the power that drives you to use your body in full force towards an object or someone perhaps in a physical sport like football or mixed martial arts.

Having more strength will allow you to jump higher, run faster, and hit harder. It's an ability used in all areas of physical activity. If you are human, you are born with the ability to get stronger. If you train that ability, you can go further in performance of when your strength is needed.


Understand How Strength Will Improve:

How can you get stronger? When you are performing a sport or activity for the very first time, you will find it to be very challenging.  You might find someone else warming up with what you can do for your greatest. Everyone starts somewhere and no one is born a superhero. Don't let your ego or your pride get in the way. No one starts as a world class strength athlete.


If you really want to improve your strength, you will have to progressively lift more with weights than your own bodyweight. As with everything else, it takes time before you can learn to do so.

You should be excited because this is where it gets interesting. As you get perform the activity that is so challenging for the very first time, it gets easier as you keep progressing. If you do the same challenge, your body has already adopted so it won't need to get that much stronger to keep up. You need to progressively load more. You will measure your progress by either with weights or reps or rest periods.

What You Should Do:

In order to get stronger, you should focus on compound movements. If you are using machines, you will be very limited to how strong you can really get. And even if you get stronger, you won't have the balance or the same muscle coordination benefits that you can get from free weights. As with any activity, warm up 5-10 minutes before starting anything physical for your best performance.

Start with the lightest weight and see how much you can do for 10 repetitions. To get stronger, you need to lift for 3-6 repetitions. This doesn't mean 3-6 repetitions and then you stop moving completely. You can take a rest to go for more repetitions.


But for full strength recovery, take advantage of one to two minute breaks. The key here is having enough rest for your strength to be ready and fully engaged to use.

If you were focused on endurance, then you would only need to take very short breaks with continuous repetitions. Since we are dealing with your heaviest weight for 3-6 repetitions, you won't be able to lift that 20 times in a row so don't expect to unless you want to find yourself injured which isn't fun.

Compound Exercise:

Compound movements are where multiple joints and muscles are involved in the exercise. Isolation is where very few joints and muscles are in use. You can imagine how little isolation may help you. It would be great to isolate a muscle before using it in a compound exercise, which is otherwise known as pre exhausting.

It's very taxing on your body so don't worry about it unless you use it for warm ups, not for exhausting your targeted muscles. 


Focus on compound movements for the best strength results. Aim for 20-40 minutes in the gym with a few exercises. Squats, deadlifts and bench press are very basic and are great for increasing strength. They are very functional movements except for bench press because you are lying down. You might use it in everyday situations but deadlifts and squats are used everyday in your day.

The Workout:

You might warm up for 5-10 minutes. Then move to a compound exericse like squats but start with the empty bar before using it. Perfect your form until your confident enough that you are able to add on weight.

Without fixing your form, you may cause an injury. Ask a trainer to help you or watch YouTube videos and use the mirrors in the gym. When you are ready, increase the weight by 10-25 percent each time.

You can do as many sets as you want until you get to your last set which will be very hard and you should be very warmed up by this set. It may take you 12-15 minutes to complete the warm up and working sets. You can do an isolation exercise to isolate the muscle for added benefits or you can do core exercises which are great for maintaining balance and building a 6 pack.

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In Conclusion:

To get stronger, you basically should focus on compound movements that involve the body. Many exercises include this so if you can't do deadlifts, squats and bench press you have other options.

Don't expect to get stronger without challenging your body as this will make it adapt to each workout. In order to progress, you need to add 1-5 pounds to your lifts each week or two. Do plan for a week off when your body is asking for it.

You won't lose your strength if you take a week or two off after 4-12 weeks of strength training. The strength will stay with you for life but you need to do this regularly as it will benefit you when you are older.

Strength is important for maintaining your health and body in it's best shape no matter what age you are!


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