As a student there are a variety of exams that you will need to take in order to advance to the next grade.  You want to make sure that you know how to study for an exam.  Generally you should do the following things to make sure that you do your best on the exam:

Think About the Format

There are certain things that you need to know.  You need to know what time the exam will begin, how long the exam will last, and the location of the exam.  You also need to know the format of the exam.  Studying for a written exam is different that studying for an exam on the computer.  You should also study differently for a multiple choice exam then you would study for an essay exam.

If you are taking a multiple choice exam, try to learn to recognize the correct answer.  You only need to be able to remember the key information in order to answer a question.  If you are taking a course on definitions, you should probably take the time to memorize the definitions in the chapter.

If you are taking an essay exam make sure that you are able to explain the concepts.  Do not wait until you go into the exam to try to write an answer a question.

If the test is based on diagrams, make sure that you can label the diagrams before the exam.  If you need to practice photocopy the diagrams and mark out the labels.  Then practice stating the correct label for each part.

Know the Details

Take the time to understand what you are actually being tested on.  Most teachers will tell you that the test will come from certain chapters or pages.  Make sure that you only focus on those pages.  You shouldn’t spend time studying things that are not on the test.  If you do not know the details, ask a classmate.  It is better to ask questions to clarify the details of the exam, than it is to spend time studying something that will not be on the exam.

Think About The Teacher’s Style

Teachers often highlight the information that they want you to know.  Think about the topics that have been class discussions.  Sometimes teachers have favorite topics that are likely to find themselves on the test.  Some teachers like to hear explanations in your words and other teachers like to hear explanations in their own words.  Make sure you know which one your professor prefers, especially if you are taking an essay exam or a short answer exam.

Make Your Own Study Aid

You should use other study aids, but you should take the information and put into your own study aid.  When you make a study aid, you force yourself to think about the information.  The information will also be arranged in a way that is helpful for you to remember. 

If you feel overwhelmed you should consider making index cards.  You can make physical cards or you can use software to make a digital card.

Read, Read and Read Again

A trick that often works when you are studying is reading material numerous times.  If you read things multiple times, then you are naturally able to retain the information. Reading is a great way to learn the information without pressuring yourself.  If you want to maximize your study time, carry your study aid with you wherever you go.  The nread it whenever you have time.

Use Study Aids

One of the best resources for studying tips are other students that have taken the class.  Studnets that have taken the class will know what the teacher likes to focus on. 

Some schools will also make the teachers old exams available.  IF you are albe to get your hand on an old exam you will be able to understand the way that the teacher makes questions and the topics that the teacher likes to test.

If you are studying and you need help to understand the ifnormaiton, you should consult other study aids.  Remember that the company making the study aids can only teach you what they think is important.  You need to choose the topics that are relevant to your teacher.

Study with Others

When you study with others it makes it seem like you are not studying.  Plan a study party. If you know some classmates that have the same class as you then  you can all study together.  Quiz each other on the larger concepts of the material that you will be tested on.   If you have a big exam, you might want to plan a couple of study groups.

If you do not know anyone in your class you can still have a study party.  A group of friends

Minimize Destractions

Often students are not successful at studying because they have too many distractions.  Sometimes listening to music or trying to watch television may only make your studying last longer.  If you are distracted by noise, you should not study in a noisy environment.  Take the time to study in a library or a place that is quiet. 

Another way to make sure that you are successful at studying is to complete all tasks that will need to be done in the near future.  It is hard to study for a test when you know that you also have to write a paper or meet an important deadline.

The Environment

The best environment to study in is one that fits your personality.  Make sure that you have adequate light to study.  You should probably study in a chair rather than a bed.  Bring all of the materials that you need to study and place them in close proximity to you while you are studying

Study A Little At A Time

Even if you have a test the next day, you want to study in short amounts of time.  Study for twenty five minutes and then take a break.  IF you try to learn too much information at once you may end up forgetting it.   

Hopefully you gained some great tips about how to take an exam.  If you have any questions leave them below.