Online Student

It's exciting to enroll in college and know you're working towards your degree in a field that you're passionate about. It's a whole different ballpark and a major convenience to be able to attend college entirely online.

The thought is extra appealing to those that don't have their own car and are unemployed because it saves them a lot of money when there are no commute expenses. Don't think that it's going to be any easier than attending on-campus classes. Actually, a lot harder because you have to be much more self disciplined.

You're Going To Have To Do Research

Not all online schools are created equal. Depending on the major you're interested in, you need to make sure this school is accredited. This means that if you decide to change to another college halfway through your schooling, you'll be able to trasfer the credits so you don't have to retake the classes that have already been completed.

Be Organized

If you are one of those people that are always forgetting to write down homework assignments or misplacing your pens and pencils, then online school probably isn't for you. You'll need a calendar that has the dates that tests and assignments are due. I even like to mark the end of the term and it helps me stay alert. 

Post-Its, page tabs and highlighters should be included in your supplies for school. They will help make studying easier and will make critical pieces of information stay in your memory. That's going to be handy when it comes to tests.

Have a study area, even if it's just a space at the kitchen table. This is going to make studying a lot less stressful.

Manage Your Time

Yes, it's true that online college allows more flexibility with your schedule, it's really easy to just blow off a study session to go to the movies with your friends or to spend hours online watching YouTube videos. Don't become one of those people that take advantage of the freedom online college offers you. Be sure to use your time wisely. Make time for school and don't procrastinate. If you wait until the last minute to turn in an assignment that's risking missing due dates and you also risk a less than satisfactory grade.

Ask Questions

Just because classes are online doesn't mean you're not going to have any questions about the the coursework. I'm sure the instructors are more than welcome to answer any of the questions you may have and they'll more than likely provide you with a number and hours in which you can reach them.

Always ask your classmates questions as well because the teacher is going to be busy answering a lot of questions and there may be someone in your class that knows the answer to what you're confused about. Online class participation is something that is a requirement with most schools. 

Study Regularly

There's nothing worse than pulling an all nighter in order to pass a test. Study daily at least 15 minutes per day. Repetition is a much better way to learn material because when something is repeated for a long period of time, it goes into your long term memory, which means it's going to be something you remember years after you've gotten your degree.

Don't think of tests as something you need to get over with; instead, think of the notes you've taken and chapters you've read as something that's critical to your career success. Take it seriously. School isn't a joke.

Other Tips

Plan ahead with everything when attending an online college or university. You never know when something will come up that could prevent you from completing an assignment. For example, what if a big natural disaster happens and the power goes out and stays that way for a week? You're not going to be able to turn in a few of your assignments, but if you'd planned ahead, you may have been able to turn in the assignments before the power went out.

Apply for financial aid ahead of time. You'll get a better idea of how much classes and books are going to cost and find out if you qualify before the start of the semester. There's nothing worse than being at the beginning of the semester without a way to pay for classes simply because you were late turning in your financial aid application.

When studying, always take a break. You shouldn't get a headache from reading your notes or reading the assigned chapters. Take it easy and don't overdo it.

Enjoy school and stay motivated. Remember why you enrolled in the first place and you're going to be able to reach your goals. 

Student Studying
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