Success in Life

To succeed in life, you need to have a purpose and clear goals in life. You can not succeed in shooting an arrow without having a target. According to Napoleon Hill, to succeed in life, two aspects are very essential. The first one is positive mental attitude and the second one is to have a clear, definiteness of purpose in life. We will discuss about the definiteness of purpose in this article.

A definite purpose is a clear and strong thought that attracts suitable circumstances and its fulfilment into our lives. Most of the times, our purpose is either not clear or lacks strength.

What is your purpose in life?

You may want to become a great writer. You may want to become a millionaire. You may want to break records in your favourite sport. Clearly decide what you want to achieve in your life. If you are not clear about long term, at this moment, decide on what you want to do in the next five years or even next one year. It is important to arrive at a clear goal comfortable to you.

For example, the goal can be to achieve x amount of consistent monthly online income in the next two years. Let us continue with this example for the rest of this article in order to explain the concepts of how to succeed in life.

Clarity of your goal

Is your goal clear? If you say you want to earn 500 dollars of income every month, do you feel comfortable with this goal? If you are not comfortable, you will not be able to clearly hold the goal in your mind. So if necessary let it be 100 dollars per month. As you start achieving the goals, you will become more comfortable in setting higher goals. So it is important to arrive at a goal which is unambiguous and clear and which you feel very comfortable in your mind.

Strength of your goal

How do you know the strength of your goal? There are three aspects to check in this regard. Let us review them one by one:

Fears about achieving your goal

Examine if you have any fears about your goal. In the present example, do you have any fears about handling the money or taxes when you start getting the income? The moment you start consciously examining your fears, you will become more aware of them and you will start getting answers. Incase you observe that you have some fears about your goal, you can take two actions (either one of them or both together): (a) Get more knowledge and understanding on the topics related to your fear (handling money or taxes in this example) and neutralize your fears by reason. For example, there are many people earning billions honestly and are handling their finances and taxes quite well. (b) Modify/reduce your goals to suit your current frame of mind. So you can just start with ten dollars per month and gradually increase your goal. As you progress on your success path, your fears will gradually reduce.

Doubts about your goals and success

The next problem is handling doubts. Again in our example, the doubt can be – can I put required effort consistently? Can I keep a constant flow of writing? Will others approve my writing? Will I get success? The doubts can be anything but they reduce the strength of your goal.

You need to face each of these doubts squarely on the face and start questioning them. And if necessary adjust your goal so that you are comfortable with the effort required. The very aspect of questioning your doubts helps you to handle them.

Negative beliefs

The third aspect that affects strength of your goals is your negative beliefs. Unfortunately we are not aware of all our belief system and this makes it difficult to understand and modify them. So you should start with reviewing possible negative beliefs about your goal. In our example, one can question oneself – what is that stopping me to achieve x income per month? And observe your internal feelings and responses.

In our example, if you belief is 'money is a very complicated thing', that might be stopping you from achieving your goal. Again the solution is to build awareness, question the beliefs and arrive at a comfortable situation regarding your goal.

Review of goals

Do a frequent review of goals (especially initially) as above, so that you gradually build more clarity and strength into your goals.

As you build clarity and strength, you start getting more insights, you start attracting more opportunities in the areas of your goal, which strengthens your goal further.

The key is not to drop even if you get discouraged or disappointed but continue with confidence.

When the goal is very strong and clear, you will achieve it sure and fast.

Revision of concepts

  • To succeed in life, you should have definite purpose and goals.
  • Make sure that your goal is clearly stated.
  • Increase the strength of your goal by examining and removing your fears, doubts and negative beliefs related to your goal.
  • A strong and clear goal attracts circumstances to materialise its success.