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To Succeed In Online Classes You Must Do Some Things Differently

You Have To Approach Online Classes Differently

Online classes are convenient for students and professors. Online classes are also cheaper for schools because they do not have to maintain a physical classroom. In recent years for-profit companies have offered many online classes and non-profit schools have began using the internet to deliver more of their classes.

The trend toward online instruction will continue for the foreseeable future. While I would not say that online instruction will replace in-class instruction someday, I am confident that the days of 100% in-class instruction, are over. From now on, students will have at lease some of their instruction from online classes. 

Set Aside Time and a Place to Study

The material that is being taught in online classes is the same as the material that is taught in the classroom, there are some differences in how the material is delivered and how the student learns online. Every online class has a forum where students and teachers ask questions and discuss topics. The forum replaces the in-person interaction the student would have in the classroom. It is very important that you actively participate in the forums. Do not hesitate to ask questions, answer questions, clarify projects requirements, and interact with others.

When you actively participate in the forums you will have a better understanding of what is expected of you, you will retain the material being taught and you will be networking with potential colleagues. Additionally, by posting frequently and assisting classmates, the professor will know that you are putting effort into the class. 

One of the most attractive elements of online classes is the flexibility they offer. Generally, you can study anytime you want to as long as you complete the required assignments within the alloted time, you can get a top grade. However the fact that you are working on your own schedule means there is nobody to tell you how many pages to read every day or when to start working on your project. You have to be disciplined to succeed in online classes.

Identify times during the week when you study without distraction. Depending on the number of classes you are taking online, you may find that every Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., and every Tuesday from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., you can consistently count on being able to study without distraction. Once you have identified study times, stick to the plan. Tell your family or roommates that you are off limits during those times. Plan ahead so that you don't have to do a last minute task instead of studying. You should be so consistent about studying at the same time, the only justification for deviating from the schedule would be a fire, family emergency or some other catastrophe. The fact the lawn needs to be cut is not a justification for skipping your study time. This is your education, your future do not let distractions steal your education from you.

Just as you set aside time to study, you should set aside a place to study. This can be your bedroom, the family room as long as it is quite when you will be studying. Set up the area with some file folders, a calendar to track assignment deadlines and quizzes or exams, a comfortable chair and your computer. The study area will be off limits to everyone else while you are studying. You will explain that to family, friends or roommates when you tell them about your study times.

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Syllabus is The Road Map, It Will Tell You What The Professor Expects

On a related note with discipline, stay ahead of the syllabus. If you have not attended college, a syllabus is the instructor's explanation of what is expected of students. The syllabus usually tells you when to read certain chapters and always provides due dates for assignments. After you enrol in an online class, you should get the syllabus as soon as possible. Print out the syllabus and keep it close to the area you are going to study in.

Stay ahead of the syllabus, this is critical. Stay ahead of the syllabus so you can always participate in the forums because you will have already read the material. Additionally, if your ahead of the syllabus and run into problems with a particular subject matter you have the luxury of going back over the material or asking the teacher to provide additional guidance without falling behind. Staying ahead of the class is really the secret to distance learning, if you do this one thing, you will succeed in your online class.

Let's recap, you can succeed in your online class if you actively participate in the forums, create a study schedule and place and most importantly stay ahead of the syllabus.