Think of yourself and both a writer and an entrepreneur. This mindset will help you succeed, not only with writing effective and widely read eHow articles, but for any other type of freelance writing that you do. Remember, you want to write about what people want to read about, which means that you need to write engaging prose about hot topics.

Writers get inspiration everywhere: a phrase you read in the newspaper or hear on television or read on a message board forum may really grab your attention. Odds are, if it grabs your attention, it will also grab the attention of many other people. Write down that phrase and then slowly start building your onlinr article around that interesting phrase or idea.

Ask your friends and relatives what they want you to research and write about in your eHow articles. You will find that many of the people in your life are positively brimming with excellent ideas and questions on a wide variety of topics.

View yourself not only as a writer and entrepreneur (as mentioned earlier), but also as an investigative journalist. You want to research practical, helpful answers to people's most pressing questions, and then you want to provide them with the answers to those questions by writing about them in an engaging, easily applicable way.

Don't give up! Writing involves rejection. If your article gets rejected at one publisher, understand that you might be able to edit and resubmit it, or you can always submit it elsewhere. You will need to develop a thick skin if you are going to succeed in the online writing business.

You can always start your own blog if you want. That way you do not have to deal with editors, as you can function as your own editor instead. You also have the option of writing under your own real name or choosing a pen name and online identity. Some people decide to maintain lots of different blogs on a variety of topics, so this is yet another option that you may want to consider when writing online. For more information about working from home successfully, read this article.