What if you could wake up in the morning with a muscled, jacked body that looks like it went through hell and back? Sorry but that is nearly impossible unless you’re not human.

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Muscle is very hard to earn but it is not a complicated process unless you want it to be.

Don’t get me wrong, there is science and some brain involved in the process, yet it is very achievable and possible for anyone who desires hard work and commitment.

And if you don’t have the motivation to push yourself beyond your comfort zone then you need to find that fire inside you and bring it out!

And believe me, if you’re standing at 130 and you want to bring your body to a jacked and muscled class, it is very much the most possible dream you can imagine. Mentally and physically it is draining, which is why there should be rules and general principles.

I do promise you, that if you somehow follow them, you will see an increase in your performance right away.

It’s not any easier for a person who stands 5’11 at 200 lbs with a high fat percentage to gain muscle as it is the same challenge as a light weight would face. There are differences in goals but the challenge is still the same: to gain more muscle. The differences may include lighter impact cardio (like the bike) for heavier persons.

Given that people have different lifestyles and levels of fitness, there are many programs where
“experts” give general rules about what to do in the gym to gain muscle or just fitness in general. They give you the package, with sets reps and exercises.

I admit I do take some of their routines sometimes BUT I integrate it into my own original program. Why? You can’t do what someone else because they may have a different diet, lifestyle or god knows what.

Worst case they may be taking performance enhancing drugs that help with recovery and muscle gains. The perfect example is Arnold, how can anyone copy his routine! His workouts are something like 5 hours a day and 6 days a week. With my own high intensity workouts I would be over trained in no time!

Before I give you the general principles of muscle gain and fat loss you need to have rules so you can focus in the gym without any distractions.


The gym is your road to heaven; you choose how you get there. Usually though there are general rules you need to follow as someone who is trying to gain muscle and not waste any time doing so. Don’t socialize.

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Keep your head straight on your vision; you can’t lift with full concentration if you’re focused on what you’re doing this weekend with your friends. It’s not the end of the world; if you want to roll with arms that could be considered dangerous, then please save the talking for after the workout.

Leave your technology for your music or your workout records. You can’t status your Facebook about how much you’re sweating, no one wants to know, and if they do want to know then they are pulling you away from your workouts.

Eyes on the weights, once you let your eyes start wondering in the gym, you’ll lose quickly lose track of your sets and your rest. Although you may get back on track quickly, the time you use wondering your eyes in the gym could have been used for visualizing the success of the next set or even the workout.

If your find yourself sticking to your vision and dreams you’ll find yourself automatically ignoring your text messages, Facebook, and social interactions that lead to time wasted in the gym.

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This is where you can find your motivation. Visualize your ideal physique, your dream body, what you want so you can take advantage of your machine-like body that can continuously improve throughout each workout. You will realize that any workout wasted or delayed, you’ll be one step behind your dreams.

Use the gym only for what it's made for: exercising and rest periods. If you're using the bench press like a park bench, just chilling out and texting, the next person who wants to use the equipment will want to smash you like the hulk.

Even if it doesn't look like someone wants to use the bench, they could come out of nowhere to use the bench for a superset and they shouldn't have to ask to use the bench if you're not using it for what it's made for.

You'll find yourself more focused if you follow some of these simple rules.

Without the right mindset, you won't have the right results.

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Once you have the right mindset, you'll find yourself more confident about your sets and reps that you'll push yourself outside your comfort zone. You'll slowly find your own program that works for you and only for you. You may take from some of the other programs that seem interesting but you'll always go back to your own original theme of exercises and length of workouts. 

Please ask questions or ask an article to be written so I can help you get to your ideal state of health and physical fitness!! 

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