Losing weight is, in theory, easy. Eat less, exercise more. Simple, isn't it? Yet why do so many people fail? The weight loss "failures" advance many excuses - no time, too many distractions, too busy, their diet plan is too difficult or complicated, they couldn't get the machine they needed at their gym, etc. But at the core of it is that losing weight is not a priority for many of these people. They never really failed because they never really tried.

If you are someone like this, you should just give up on the thought of losing weight and stop wasting any more time. But how do you know? Easy! Just list down all your major goals in life and prioritize them. Is weight loss anywhere in the top three? If not, forget it. If weight loss is already number one, hypnosis for weight loss can be helpful but is superfluous. If you are not succeeding, there is probably some external factor causing you to fail or some internal psychological reversal sabotaging all your efforts at losing weight.

Let us say that losing weight is a short term goal and is currently your second priority. Your first priority, whatever it may be, is long term. In this situation, using hypnosis for weight loss to boost your weight loss goal to number one priority can be very helpful. After all, losing 3 pounds in 2 weeks to make up for that Christmas eating binge will not set back your 5-year goal of getting promoted to Senior Manager of your company, will it?

Before you go looking for a hypnotherapist or buy that $50 weight loss hypnosis CD, let us first examine what hypnosis is. A growing number of hypnosis researchers say that hypnosis is actually a trance state where the normal critical faculties are dormant. Furthermore, they say that these trance states are more common than traditionally thought. Apparently, a good story can make you very receptive to a persuasive message, which is why product placements in movies and TV serials is such a popular and successful marketing and advertising strategy. So if you watch a particular TV show, you will go into a light hypnotic trance. When you see the hero drinking a specific brand of beer, this anchors that brand into your subconscious mind strongly enough that the next time you go shopping, you will think of buying that brand of beer.

Neuroscientists have actually looked into how the human brain works and its suggestibility. It seems that depending on what our brains are doing, different frequencies are measured on the EEG. Everyone thinks critically at the highest frequency, called beta. This is when you analyze that Maths or Logic problem. This is when you analyze the pros and cons of a business plan in depth.

The next frequency down is called alpha. Memorizing facts and retrieving those facts work best at this level. So does learning a particular physical activity or using a particular mental skill. This is also the level when mental suggestions start becoming more effective. When you watch a good TV show, your mind starts slipping into this frequency. Basically, this is the start of hypnotic activity.

The next level down is theta. This is when classical hypnosis works. This is what most hypnotists and hypnotherapists aim for, because a new mental program installed at this level is particularly effective (as long as the new program does not violate any of the patient's existing mental programs). Lowest of all is the delta level, when deep sleep occurs.

What does all this mean? It means you do not need to buy a $50 hypnosis for weight loss CD to help you go into a trance to lose weight. If you are a poor college student who really wants to get into shape for the summer beach season, this is probably very welcome news. Any good relaxation technique, properly executed, will put your mind into a state which is receptive to installing your weight loss goal. Once that goal is properly installed and periodically reinforced, you will start finding the opportunities and energy to exercise more and eat less. You will become thin even without having an expensive gym membership or owning a single barbell to your name.

The first step is to learn progressive muscle relaxation or autogenics. Both of these relaxation techniques are quite easy to learn, and can start taking effect with just a few days of practice. They have been proven to work since a long time ago and are also free to learn. There are many websites giving free instructions on both PMR and autogenics. Initially you will only touch the upper bands of the alpha state and will feel a comfortable feeling of relaxation.

With more practice, you will find yourself more consistently in the middle or deeper alpha state, and possibly dipping into the theta state. At this time, you can start installing your weight loss hypnosis program. How do you do that?

The easiest way is to look at a picture of your ideal physical form. It helps to have a digital camera and the Photoshop program handy. If not, get a friend who knows how to edit photos to help you. Look at your (doctored) photo, imagine how good it feels to look that way. When you first start doing this, you will probably slip out of the alpha state back to the beta mental state. But with practice, you will be able to remain in the alpha frequency while doing this visualization exercise of your perfect physical form. Once you achieve this, you will start finding more opportunities to exercise. You will gain better control over your appetite. With a lot more practice, you will be able to do this in the theta mental frequency and the effectiveness will multiply. This is a simple method of self hypnosis for weight loss. Everything you need is available for free, and it's speed is comparable to buying a weight loss hypnosis CD.

There are many, many alternatives to get yourself into a hypnotic state and then install a weight loss goal in your mind. Some need more equipment, others need less. People who are more visually oriented may want to use guided visualization instead of PMR or autogenics to get to the self hypnotic state. They may also be able to imagine their perfect physique without any help from the doctored photo. All it needs to use hypnosis for weight loss is a little creativity and knowledge. Spending money is optional. What matters is that losing weight is an important priority for you, and hypnosis can help with that.