Your plane has just crash landed in the ocean, your ship has sunk during a trip. Regardless of the scenario, your stranded on a deserted island in the middle of the ocean by yourself with little or no supplies.

You could be stuck for hours, days, weeks, or even months. However long your stuck, you will have to act to survive and eventually get rescued.

This is how to survive on a deserted island, building a shelter and finding fresh water.


Building A Shelter

The first thing you should do when stranded on a deserted island is construct a solid shelter to protect you from the elements and help search teams potentially locate you.

Step 1: Place two "Y"- shaped branches into the dirt/sand about a foot or more deep and five to six feet apart.

Step 2: Take a long, sturdy branch and place it between the "Y" branches. This will be your main support for your structure.

Step 3: Lay five to six more study branches diagonally from your top support branch to the ground.


Wooden ShelterCredit:

Step 4: Tie everything together with rope, string, or vine to help hold and support all the branches together.

Step 5: Cover the sides of the shelter with large palm leaves, greenery, or other plants.

Don't sleep directly on the ground. You'll want to lay down leaves, or other greenery to insulate and keep you warm, and prevent you from getting wet.


Make sure to search the shore for any items that may have drifted in from the ocean. This could include pieces of debris, wood, plastic, and other supplies.

If you arrived on the island via a raft or life boat, these both make a great base to start your shelter.


Getting Fresh Water

The human body needs at least two quarts of water per day to maintain good health.If your ever stranded on a deserted island, you will need safe drinking water.

Never drink ocean water! The salt in the water will quickly dehydrate you. Also, never drink urine, blood, fish juices, or sea ice.

One of the best ways to get fresh water is using a man made solar still. A solar still uses the sun to gather water and is fairly easy to set up.

Step 1: Try to find an area that receives a fair bit of sunlight throughout the day. Dig a round hole about two to three feet across and two to three feet deep.

Step 2: Place a container in the center of the hole you have dug. Use a container that can hold water, like a cup, or carved out wood.

Step 3: Place various green foliage and plant life on the inside of the hole and around the container. This will help create moisture inside the hole.


Water DropletCredit: - JJ Harrison

Step 4: You now need to cover the hole with a large piece of plastic. Use rocks to secure the plastic in place over the hole.

Step 5: Put a small rock in the middle of the plastic cover directly over the container to weigh down the center of the plastic, essentially creating a cone shape.

The heat of the sun will form condensation from the plants and greenery inside the hole and around the container. The water will collect on the plastic and drip down into the container from the cone shape.


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