Some Tips To Help You Through Your Bucks Party

Surviving Your Bucks Day

Bucks days are unanimous with male shenanigans. Everyone past the 30 knows of a few people who have really suffered at the hands of their friends after a prank at a bucks party. The stories are enough to make any buck nervous, if not scared.

Unfortunately, as a buck you have real limited choices on the day. You can ask to do what you want (like golfing), but you can't choose what your friends are going to make you do. The worst parts usually happen after the activities, when there is more time and hands are idle.

Some of the best bucks party stories that I have heard are:

  • The buck got tied to a railway crossing beam, which went up and down as the trains past the road.
  • The buck got dye brushed on him from his shoulders all the way down to his feet in a red dye, which lasted for about 6 weeks.
  • The buck got dressed in lingerie and shot at with paintball guns at the paintball range.
  • The buck got put in a caged trailer and driven around at night.

All of these stories sound extreme, so as the buck you might be asking yourself “how do you mellow it out so you can have a happy bucks day, and not seem like your withdrawing from your bucks day duties?”


Here is a quick guide to help you survive.


Tell Your Craziest Friend To Look After You

There’s a bit of pressure on the person who gets told to look after you, if you can pick the instigator then that will help. Instead of thinking about impressing other people, he will be thinking about your welfare (hopefully.)

Have The Bucks One Month Before The Wedding Or More

Just for when the prank your friends play on you will become harmful to the wedding photos.  Your future wife will be angry with your friends which makes your life just that bit harder. Have the bucks party at least a month before the wedding and there’s little chance of that happening.

Don’t Have The Bucks And Hens Parties On The Same Night

You don’t want the parties mixing, this will ruin the fun. It is also beneficial that your partner is sober so you can give her a call to come and get you if you get caught out.

Get Your Friends Drunk The Night Before

An oldie but a goodie. This works if you go away for the weekend, make the ‘bucks night’ the Saturday not the Friday. People will run out of steam having not slept properly and hung-over.

Be The First

Have your bucks party first, before your friends. Get them before they know better and have had opportunities to practice.

Hangover Pills

The jury's out on whether they work, but why not try to minimise the damage if you can. Most pharmacies/drug stores will carry some type of hangover pills to help relieve your next day headache. Eating a big meal before hand and eating during the party can help also.


I hope these tips serve  you well on your bucks day. If you have heard or had a bucks story that can beat mine, please post it in the comments.