Minecraft is a wonderfully fun sandbox game that can provide hours of entertainment for a very low price. Although easy to play once one becomes acclimated to the game, being placed in a world with no instruction can be daunting for the beginner. In addition to not having a native tutorial to teach you how to play the game, monsters come out at night and will surely put a quick damper on the accomplishments you've made during the day. However, fear not! This guide will explore the various steps needed to survive your first night and ensure that your Minecraft experience will be fun, safe, and free of frustrations.

Things You Will Need

A Minecraft account
A basic understanding of Minecraft gameplay

Step 1

The first thing that you should look for when placed in the game is the nearest tree. Wood is the most basic tool that most every other tool in Minecraft uses in some form. Before you can do anything else, you need to gather a healthy quantity of wood, as it is the only material that cannot be gathered from inside of your hideout (more on this later!).

You might notice that you have no tools to use in order to chop this wood. This will not deter us! Just walk up to the nearest tree trunk and hold down the left mouse button. Your character will begin to punch the tree. Although in real-life, this wouldn't get someone very far, in Minecraft you can level an entire forest with just your fists!

Once you've gathered ~20 wooden blocks, it's now time to craft them into new things!

Step 2

Next, you'll need to take all of this raw wood and turn it into wooden boards. Each wooden block produces 4 boards, so by the time you get done you should have around 80 boards at your disposal. At this point, you'll need to craft a workbench. This will be the tool that opens up so many more recipes to your arsenal. Instead of having a simple 2x2 crafting grid, you'll now have a 3x3 crafting grid and be able to create gathering tools, storage units, railway tracks, and much more!

Step 3

Now that you've created your workbench, put it down anywhere on the ground. Open up the interface and turn ~10-16 boards into sticks. This is so we can create a mining pick using two wooden sticks and three wooden planks. This is the lowest quality mining pick and won't be very useful for any serious mining, but for our purposes it will serve us just fine. Once it's created, equip it, but punch your workbench until it turns back into a block you can pick up. This will keep you from having to create a new one later.

Step 4

Now it's time to find some coal. Coal is easily recognizable because it looks like your standard stone blocks but with black spots in it. We're going to use this coal to craft torches, which will provide much needed light inside of your mine. Additionally, mobs (mobile monsters) won't spawn anywhere that light touches.

Once you've found the coal, mine as many as you can. 4-5 pieces will suffice, but I prefer to pick up as many as I can early on -- this will prevent unwelcome surprises later in the game.

Open up your inventory and craft as many torches as you can using the sticks and the newly found coal.

Step 5

You're almost done! At this point, find a spot you like on the side of a mountain and start digging in with your mining pick, making sure to put torches up whenever things look too dark. This will be your "base" so to speak, where all of your future operations will take place.

Once you get the inside dug out to a decent degree, close up the entrance using stone blocks or dirt. Leave a 2 block wide "window" so you can see outside. This is important, because you'll automatically know when daybreak comes and how many mobs are outside if you need to go outside for anything at all.

Be careful, though -- spiders can still get through this opening. It rarely happens, but if you see a spider coming, block up one side of the window to keep them out.

Minecraft is a very open game and there is no particularly "wrong" way to play it. However, the night is a very dangerous place for an un-prepared player and will surely provide frustration if you're not ready for it.

Tips & Warnings