Holiday blow mold figures are an investment into outdoor lighted displays for holidays such as Christmas and Easter.  Blow molds are very popular as outdoor Christmas decorations as they are highly decorated and colorful illuminated plastic figures that glow brightly in the night.  These figures can be seen gracing yards and lawns during different holiday seasons and are commonly used as Easter decorations.  Since blow molds have become scarcer and are pieces of nostalgic holiday art they should be well taken care of so they last you for years to come.


To properly take care of blow mold figures so they will remain in top condition, one must consider not only how to take care to secure them correctly when on display outdoors to guard against wind damage and theft but also the environmental conditions they encounter when on display and how they are stored the majority of the year when they are in storage.


One of the main enemies that blow mold decorations face are surface abrasions.  While blow mold figures are very solid and durable the paint can be easily scratched when the figure comes in contact with other objects such as other blow molds when on display or in storage.  It is best when on display to keep the figures in a location where they will not encounter objects like tree branches or other debris blowing in the wind or from moving vehicles along a driveway for that matter.  While in storage, wrapping the blow mold figures in clear plastic sheets or bags is a good way to protect them from abrasions when in close contact with other figures.  It should be noted that some small surface scratches are unavoidable and will be present on almost all blow mold figures no matter how new or well taken care of.


Another enemy of blow mold figures is ultraviolet sunlight rays.  Ultraviolet sunlight rays are very harmful to blow molds as when they are exposed for long periods the plastic will begin to become brittle and crack very easily.  If possible pick outdoor display locations that offer some daytime shade to the figures to limit this exposure.  Remember, sunlight in the winter time is just as harmful as in the summer time.  When you are looking to purchase blow mold figures that are used, be careful to inspect for sunlight damage.  This damage may be present as the figures paint will be somewhat faded, cracks are visible and possibly a few resulting holes.  While some damage is unavoidable when displaying figures outdoors it is advisable to avoid purchasing ones with excessive sunlight damage.


When selecting a location to store the figures for the rest of the year, be sure to pick one where they will not be exposed to the outdoor elements or of course sunlight rays.  This author has found from experience that storage locations with elevated temperatures, such as attics are acceptable as they do not seem to result in any harmful effect to the blow molds, they do however cause a temporary softening of the plastic material occurring seasonally for long term storage.  Higher moisture environments such as basements and crawl spaces can also be used but some airflow should be present otherwise mold can grow on the figures.


A good idea for blow mold care in general is to remove the blow mold from its outdoor display and into storage as soon as the season or holiday ends to not further expose the figure to the outdoor elements which threaten it.  When removing the figures from display it is beneficial to remove dirt, bird droppings and natural debris from them by gently patting them with a wet paper towel to clean them before long term storage.



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