Acne is an annoying thing to have. Taking care of acne can be stressful. The harder to reach a spot, the harder the acne is to take care of. By following a daily regiment that is easy to keep up with, you will be able to manage your acne. If you want clear skin, get ready.

Things You Will Need

1.) Acne cleanser (body wash form is good) 2.) A brush that can reach your back. 3.) Warm water

Step 1

You could scrub everywhere with a skin care product in effort to control the acne on your body. By maintaining a strict cleaning regiment, acne will not be as prominent. This usually depends on your activities and your individual body. Once you are aware that an area requires special attention, in this case your back, you are ready to tackle the problem and control the situation.

Step 2

One of the best times to take care of back acne is in the shower. This is because you are already cleansing your body, so you might as well do it right. The warm water will also help to open up the pores and make your skin softer. The softer the skin, the the better it will be. Apply your acne cleanser onto your brush or sponge. Not begin to wash your back with the cleanser. Do not rinse immediately. Give the medicine some time to work. Typically let it rest there for one minute. Rinse and dry.

Step 3

Ideally you should use your acne cleanser every day as this is a good skin care practice. To narrow in, use it right after working out. All the sweat will clog up your pores. The warm water will not only relax your muscles, but keep those clogged pores open and ready to be cleared with your acne wash. After your wash, you could apply some acne cream. Since this is a hard to reach spot, some people forego it.
Once you have begun to manage your acne and become used to your cleaning schedule, your body will begin to see results. This may not happen overnight but it will happen fast. The key to clear skin is diligence.

Tips & Warnings