Shirt Collar

Tools That You Will Need:

    • Tape Measure (cm or inches)
    • Yourself
    • Friend or Partner to assist with measurements (optional)

    Taking The Measurements


    The measurement for the neck is required to know the size for the top button of the shirt. I am sure we have all bought shirts that we thought fit around the body perfectly and, it wasn't until we attempted to do the top button up that we came in to some problems.

    Take the tape measure and wrap it around your neck. Please ensure that you keep two fingers between the neck and the tape, only at the point where you are measuring. You don't need to keep a two finger gap the entire way around.


    To measure the chest, it might be easier to include that friend or partner for assistance. Otherwise, I wish you luck but I am sure it can be done.

    To measure the chest just wrap the measuring tape around your chest. Keep the tape measure high under your armpits and across your nipples in front. Again, make sure you keep two fingers between the mesuring tape and your body.


    The old waist measurement, some people love to find out what it is, especially after dieting and weight loss. Most times people do not. But regardless of whether you want to know it or not, if you are getting a tailored shirt it needs to be taken and here's how.

    Take the measuring tape and wrap that thing around your waist. Keep it above your hips but close to your belly button. Keep two fingers between the measuring tape and your body. The key thing with this measurement is not to suck in your belly otherwise the shirt will be uncomfortable when its finished. Ensure that you remain in your most natural position while getting the numbers for this.


    This measurement is similar to the waist measurement except just a little bit lower. It is measured across the widest point of your hips. This will ensure that the shirt falls comfortably by your side without bunching up at the hips.

    Take the measuring tape and wrap it around the widest point of your hips. This will be somewhere between where your belt would normally sit. You know the routine for these measurements, place two fingers between yourself and the tape at the point of measurement.

    Shirt Length

    What you will need to do for this measurement is just find the tallest point on your shoulders and measure in a straight line to a point where you would like for the shirt to end. This is up to you, you get to decide here how long you need the shirt to be, but typically a shirt would end somewhere near the groin.


    Place the measuring tape across the back. You are wanting to measure from one edge of the shoulder bone to the other. The key here is not to measure in a straight line but to instead measure arching up across the shoulders from one end, through just below the base of the neck, and finish on the other shoulder.

    Arm Length

    Measure from the same spot as the shoulder measurement however this time you want to measure down the arm. You want to make a "L" shape with your hand and take the measurement somewhere around the middle section of the thumb.


    Be careful not to laugh, moreso if you are having an assitant help you out with this one.

    Measure in a vertical line up and around through the base of the armpit. Keep two fingers between the body and the tape measure.


    Try not to tense your muscles, I know we men like to test our guns every now and again but remain natural while taking these measurements.

    Take the tape measure and measure around the upper part of the bicep, it will be easier if you take the reading from the outer part of the bicep and again keep two fingers between it.


    This one is easy. Just take the measuring tape and wrap it around the wrist. You do not need to place any fingers between the tape for this measurement.