If you walk into a book store and go to the weight loss section you will see hundreds of books.  Go to Amazon.com and you can find 1000's of them.   Turn on the TV and you will see another infomercial about an exercise program that will get you fit in 30,60,90 days.  They all seem to have the same few tips in common with a twist here and there.   Every "get fit" system promises incredible results in short periods of time.  They all show before and after pictures.  A recent youtube posting that went viral showed how easy it is to show a before and after picture with a drastic change.  The person in the video did his before and after pictures on the same day and the pictures he posted looked incredibly different from each other.  Losing weight takes time and effort but the following  five steps can help you take the weight off fairly quickly.

1: What you eat is 80% of the battle.  The key to weight loss is cutting down on carb intake and cutting down on fat intake.   Read the label of any food item.  If it has CALORIES FROM FAT higher than 25% of total calories, try to stay away from it.  As for carbs, shoot for total carbs of 150 grams per day or less (carbs add up quickly so make sure you keep track).

2: Eat small portions more frequently.  Portions that you eat should be roughly the size of your fist.  If you are worried about hunger, don't be.  Try to eat every two to three hours.  Since you are eating more frequently you will not feel hungry.

3: Don't eat high carb foods before bedtime.  They will turn to fat as you are dormant. 

4: Do cardio exercise with intervals.  An example of an interval is walking briskly for one minute and then walking casually for one minute.  Studies have shown that using intervals keeps the body burning calories for many hours after exercising.

5:  Lift some weights.   If you belong to a gym focus on multi-muscle lifts such as chest presses, squats and pullups.   If you don't belong to a gym, do different variations of push ups and other body weight exercises.  A book that is excellent for a list of exercises is The Big Book of Exercises.

 Follow these five steps and the weight will come off without requiring drastic changes in your lifestyle and it will save you hundreds of dollars in the process.