macbook pro screenshot

How to take a screenshot on a mac

How to Take screenshot on a macbook pro

If you are new to macs all together or shifting from PC, your probably wondering how to take a screenshot on a mac, you will soon know that and why mac is better than pc, At least with screenshots in my opinoin.

  • MAC - You can take 4 kinds of screenshots.
  • PC - There is only 1 kind of screenshot.


  • MAC - The screen shots are saved instantly to either the clipboard or desktop already formatted in PNG or PDF format.


  • PC - You have to paste the screen shot to an editing program, then save it manually.


  • MAC - You save the time of having to edit each screen shot because it saves edited depending on which key combination you used.


  • PC - If you want an individual window saved you will have to edit it manually.


I own both a Macbook pro and Alienware laptop, I know when I need to do something related to taking and editing screenshots and media content, I stick with my Macbook pro every time.

The 4 kinds of screenshots

  • Entire Desktop Screenshots
  • Desktop To Clipboard Screenshots
  • Click & Drag screenshots
  • Window Screenshots

Entire Desktop Screenshots

Hold Command+Shift+3

The screenshot gets saved as a PNG file on your desktop automatically.

This is best meant for use as a permanent storage for high quality screenshots.

Desktop To Clipboard Screenshots

Hold Command+Control+Shift+3

The screenshot gets placed on your clipboard for you to paste into another program.

This is best meant for use as a temporary storage for high quality screenshots.

Whatever you store on the clipboard gets deleted when you crash, lose power, log out, or shut down your Macbook pro

Click & Drag screenshots

Hold Command-Shift-4

A cross-hair cursor will appear, Click and drag, select the area you want to capture. If you release the mouse button, The screenshot is automatically saved as PDF or PNG file on your desktop. (The file is saved as PDF in Mac OS 10.3 and earlier.)

This is useful for if you do not want your toolbar or desktop icons in the screenshot, This serves as a permanent storage place also, Also this option lets you be much more specific if you prefer a customized screenshot.

Window Screenshots

Hold Command-Shift-4 then press the Spacebar + Click Window

when you press command-shift-4 the cursor turns into cross hairs, when you hit the space-bar the cross-hair turns into a camera icon, when you hover the camera over a window it should highlight, click the mouse and the screenshot gets saved as a PNG or PDF file on your desktop.

This is the best and fastest option if you just want to capture a single window without the bulk of the toolbar or desktop or icons.