Knowing how to talk to a girl you like is an invaluable skill in having success with girls. It is a skill that is also dying out for some as they become more and more dependent on using the internet to meet people and do their flirting. Having to talk to a girl you like face to face and tapping away on a keyboard at someone you can't see are completely different. Although using the internet may be an easier initial way to break the ice, you still have to meet them face to face at some point, and this is when they'll meet the unedited real life you, not the version of yourself you have formed in carefully thought out conversations online.


Talking to a Girl you like - Success with Girls


So you're out and about and you see a girl you'd like to talk to, how do you make that happen? The initial most important part would be how you carry yourself, it's very important to display self confidence and charisma when talking to girls but not to the point of seeming arrogant or cocky, always seem approachable and easy to talk to.


The Best Place To Talk To A Girl

Environment can be your enemy or your friend. For instance, if you approach a girl in a nightclub, chances are she's already been hassled and sleazed on a number of times already and may be on the defensive and you will just appear another guy trying his luck. Unless you are different and have something more to bring to the table. Don't seem like you just want to talk to her for the sake of trying to get lucky. You'll just look like that's all you're out for, it'll help more if the girl you like sees that your out first and foremost to have fun and a good time.

General day to day locations can be much easier places to meet and talk to a girl. Especially places where you are both participating in the same activity or hobby, straight away you have something to talk about and a shared interest.

Struggling for something to say? The most effective opening line when approaching a girl, and most overlooked is "hi", followed by introducing yourself. You will definitely get signals here on whether she's interested by her keenness to engage in conversation.

Never force a topic of conversation or try too hard. Let it all come naturally based on surroundings, and something you'd like to say to her. Just like a natural comment you'd make to a friend or someone you know. If she wants to talk to you she'll show interest in what you have to say and conversation should flow easily.

Have a laugh, be yourself and don't take it all too seriously.

When you decide to talk to a girl that you like in a bar or club, try catching her eye first, you should be able to tell in that first moment whether they would be interested in talking to you or not by if she notices you, holds your gaze or takes a second look, if any of these, make sure you catch her eye again (not necessarily immediately after) and this time try a little smile, judge this reaction, if she smiles awkwardly out of politeness and looks away it's probably a no go, if you get a smile and it feels sincere, the first step is out of the way and talking to her will be easier and feel more natural.

You will have much more success with girls if you are fun and enjoyable to talk to, that way they'll enjoy carrying on a conversation or be keen to meet up again and pick up where you left off. 


Secret Of Success With Girls

At the end of the day there is no definite information or secrets to success with girls no matter what you are led to believe, everybody is different with individual traits and attributes that are attractive to different people. Usually the main factor in success with girls is compatibility and being yourself.

So what are you nervous about? Just go for it, you have nothing to lose, if the girl you talk to is not interested, no big deal. She may flattered that you showed an interest in her and it'll all be gone and forgotten about just as quickly, its not a big deal.

Its the fear of rejection that will kill your success with girls and like I said, there is no set rules on how to talk to a girl apart from just being yourself, and being yourself is something you can never do wrong.