Before getting down to the basics on how to tape a hockey stick, you should know the purpose for taping your stick. Taping the blade of your stick, prevents moisture from building up on your blade and provides some friction so the puck doesn't just slide off your blade. You will also want to create a knob on the end of the shaft of your stick in order to make it easier to pick your hockey stick up if you drop it on the ice.

In order to tape your hockey stick, you are going to need both a roll of hockey tape, (which ever color you prefer) as well as a hockey stick.

Taping the blade of your stick is a little more complicated than you probably think. Most players start taping their blade from the heel of the blade (where the blade meets the shaft), and tape towards the toe. When taping, you will want the entire process to be one consecutive motion. Each additional wrap around the blade should cover 20-30% of the last wrap. You need to be extremely careful that the tape doesn't bunch up or bubble; something as little as a bump in your tape can cause you to fumble the puck when stick handling.

Once you've reached the toe of your stick, you can rip the tape with your fingers or use some scissors to cut it. Once the blade is taped, you may consider using some wax to add some additional texture to your blade. Wax also helps repel the water off the tape which helps prolong the life of your tape.

Next you are going to want to make a knob on the end of the shaft and a bit of grip at the top of the stick. The additional grip is optional, but it can help keep your hands in one place when stick handling or shooting the puck. To start out, unroll about 12-16 inches of hockey tape. Next spin the tape in order to make it squish into a long cylinder. Wrap the tape around the top of the stick until you've made a knob that suits your tastes, then slowly roll whatever is left down the shaft a few inches to create some texture along the top of the stick. The final step is to wrap this 'knobby area' with the hockey tape similar to how you taped the blade. Once you are done, you are ready to go out and play some hockey!.