For many parents, it may seem difficult to discuss the different concepts of religion to their children. There are many different ways that you can go about this, but sometimes holidays are an excellent time to discuss religion. Several holidays that are observed in America, all came from Christianity. If you're a Christian, and you need a push to start teaching your children about religion more in depth, then the holiday of Easter is an excellent opportunity.


Easter is celebrated because it marks the day that Christ came back from the dead to forgive the world of it's sins. The overall meaning of Easter is often covered with lore about the Easter bunny, candy baskets, and egg painting. Though all of these are fun and exciting for children, there are ways that you can use some of these events to teach your children about Jesus.

The first thing you should do while celebrating Easter with your children, is to explain the true meaning of Easter. Have a discussion with your children about why people actually celebrate Easter, and take a moment to recognize the origins behind the holiday. Take your children to a church service, so that they will learn about Jesus. This is the most obvious way to teach your children about Jesus during Easter.

Another tactic that you can use, is incorporate Jesus into the different traditions. While hiding eggs filled with candy around your house, you could also fill some eggs with different verses of scripture. This will allow your child to stop and read the bible verse, or the child can bring the verse to you for you to read to them. Though this may not seem as exciting as an egg filled with candy for the child, it may be a good way to incorporate religious ideas into their lives without seeming too overbearing.

You can also discuss the resurrection of Jesus while you color eggs. Explain how the egg is a simble of being born, then go into a discussion about how Jesus was born again into the world to relieve us of our sins and transgressions. This is a visual aid that will help your child understand when you're trying to teach them about Jesus. Another good idea, is to include some form of religious reading material with their Easter basket. Include a Bible, Christian themed coloring book, or devotional with the candy in the basket. This is a good way to incorporate Jesus into your Easter holiday.

These are all ways to teach your children about Jesus during Easter. They should be beneficial in helping you teach your children the different important aspects of life. It can open the door for you to discuss Christianity more in depth with them in the future.