Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Teaching the kids to recycle is best done at a young age so that they may apply this virtue as they grow older and become responsible individuals. The world nowadays suffers from problems brought by the overwhelming amount of garbage thrown by residential and industrial buildings. Since adults are quite difficult to manage, kids are the best ones to teach recycling, which would be a lot helpful for their benefit in the future. Explaining its importance and its advantages would make the kids more interested in recycling. Not only that, parents should also recycle things so that their kids  see them as role models. To make recycling fun for kids, there are a few tips to be discussed further.

Talk to Them

Talking with the kids about recycling would help them a lot to understand what it really means, why it is important and what it could do to our nature. Enumerate examples of items that can be recycled and not. Let them ask questions to broaden their knowledge regarding the objective of recycling. Teach them about the non-biodegradable and biodegradable items. Explain to them that as kids they must start being responsible to take care the Earth and treat the environment as their home. Also discuss the bad effects of unorganized waste and how it could affect their health.

How to Start

Start off by letting the kids decide which items should be disposed and recycle. Make sure there is a trash bin for biodegradable and non-biodegradable items for them to familiarize with the difference. If they still don’t know the possible uses of items to be disposed such as papers, newspapers, magazines, boxes, bottles and cans, parents should make the kids’ imagination grow by organizing a craft activity with them. Papers can be used as drawing sheets for the kids. Colorful pages of newspapers and magazines could be cut out and pasted into boxes for storage purposes. Wide-mouthed cans can be decorated with kids’ names to be used as plant pots. Long-necked bottles can be decorated as well to use as flower vases. Old clothes can be cut and can be used as a handkerchief, purses, caps or rags. Just let the kids’ imaginations work on these activities and they would definitely enjoy them.

Proper Guidance and Appreciation

Kids are adventurous and creative when they enjoy certain activities. However, a guidance of a loving parent must also be present together with lots of appreciation. Praise the kids whenever they finish making crafts out of recyclable items, give them rewards when they dispose garbage properly, use the crafts done by the kids at home for them to see its uses and encourage them to segregate garbage even when they are in school or outside the house. Kids feel loved when parents appreciate little things they do, which may lead them to continue with recycling until they grow up.

At a young age, it would be wonderful if kids were taught the right way to recycle at school and at home. This would help the world become a better place and would serve as an inspiration to other people at the same time.