An easel needs to be of good quality or you will only have to replace it every few years. Low quality easels are fine if you are only using it once or twice a year but if you are a serious painter they will fall apart before too long. A quality wooden easel will be made of a hard wood and use brass or steel fixtures. Aluminum will wear easily and it is a softer metal.

You want a wooden easel that is going to be your trusted painting partner for years to come. This is why buying one made of oak is best. The studio easel should also have a lip on the bottom large enough to serve as a work tray to hold your paints and other supplies while you work. It has to purchased already assembled or in an easily assembled variety. And finally it has to be the right easels for the type of paining you plan to do. Keep reading for more information about what attributes to look for in a quality easel.



Qualities Of The Best Wooden Easels

  • Made of hardwood, oil-finished, nails and screws glued in every joint. Screws should be counter sunk, wood plugged and sanded smooth.

  • Made of a quality hardwood such as American Oak

  • That the hardware is of material that will not easily loose its grip

  • Easel that are handmade are the absolute best but there are many quality factory manufactured

  • Has an elevator bolt locking system

  • Has slide guides

  • Leg locking systems

  • And is easily adjustable

Finding a quality wooden easel is not as hard it might seem. The decision that ultimately must be made is what type of easel to buy. Portable easels will give you the freedom to paint indoors or outdoors as the seasons permit. Most people will eventually buy two easels one that is to remain inside and one to take outside or on painting forays. The light weight easels with telescoping legs are best if you are a nature painter. The ground is generally uneven and the telescoping legs allow you to adjust each leg independently.

Before buying an easel consider all that you have learned today. It could be that you can find an easel to suit your needs that is not only of high quality materials but inexpensive as well. Buying easels online is one way to get them for less. Many easel manufacturers sell factory direct online and this cuts the price by eliminating retail markup.