The sad thing about the subject matter is that many people choose to put themselves through the stress and pain of wearing casual dress shoes that are too small for them because they are afraid of people knowing that they wear “wide” or “plus size” dress shoes; however, in reality, wearing a pair of wide casual dress shoes is nearly identical to wearing an XL sized t shirt! There are a ton of ways that a pair of women’s dress shoes should fit, and also quite a few ways that a pair of men’s casual dress should fit. This article is designed to provide you with 1 way to discover if you need wide dress shoes, 2 phenomenal pairs of wide casual dress shoes, and one tool that can be used to stretch your pair of regular width dress shoes if you solely need  a tiny bit of extra space.

Clarks Unstructured Boat Shoe

As was stated in a few of the other article that cover this brand, all of Clark’s dress shoes are extremely durable, and look amazing. This specific pair shown on the right may cost you a little bit of extra money; however, they will definitely outlast your other pairs of casual dress shoes by at least double the original length of time! These shoes are a great choice for individuals that need a shoe that is slightly wider than average because they only provide about an extra quarter of an inch in regards to width.

However, if you need some extra space and are looking for a great pair of wide casual dress shoes, you should definitely consider the Unstructured boat shoes if they fit into your budget. In addition, the material that is used to manufacture these boat shoes is extremely flexible, and will stretch to your foot’s width, which would ultimately give you some additional room. Out of all of the boat shoes that are sold online, this specific Clark’s pair provides you with the best bang for your buck ratio in regards to quality and price!

You Know That You Need Wide Dress Shoes When Your Toes Are Being Squished Together

There are a few reasons that people would buy a pair of dress shoes that are not wide enough for their feet. One of the reasons is because a shoe store is offering a discount on the last size of a great looking pair of shoes; getting these discounts is one of the best ways to increase the amount of quality that you are getting for the price!

However, the more common reason that people avoid buying, or even considering, a pair of casual and wide dress shoes is simply because they are embarrassed to admit that they have wider-than-average feet! There are a ton of things to consider when buying casual dress shoes, and their width/how they fit should be your primary concerns. Have you ever seen an individual that is embarrassed to buy an XL sized t-shirt? Then why would you be embarrassed to buy a pair of wide casual dress shoes?

Annie Shoes Women`s Alvina Pump

I have chosen to include this pair of casual dress shoes in this article because they are naturally wider-than-average shoes, and can even be stretched to fit really wide feet! All of the Annie Shoes that are offered for discounted prices on Amazon are made with durable material that is known to be flexible.

Do you know why the majority of women love to wear tights? Because they are made with flexible material that will stretch to their body parts regardless of the body parts’ size. This specific pair of Annie Shoes is made with very flexible material and bands that will stretch out as much as your foot needs them to! There are obviously a ton of benefits to wearing black casual dress shoes; however, choosing this pair of vibrantly colored shoes will attract as much attention as you could ever want!

Don`t Be Afraid To Use A Shoe Stretcher If You Need Wider Shoes

There is nothing worse than owning a nearly perfect pair of casual dress shoes that ALMOST fit you to the point in which you can fit your foot in, but it causes you slight pain when you walk. What would make the situation even worse is having paid a few hundred dollars for the pair of shoes; it would be a shame for that money to go to waste!

There is a very easy and inexpensive solution to the problem that is at hand; you can use a shoe stretcher, such as the one that is shown on the right, to stretch the shoes to the point in which your foot can comfortably fit into them.  Simply place the shoe stretching tool inside of the shoe and operate the handle to stretch the material as much as possible!