Are things just not right between you and your boyfriend. Is he giving you signs that he is losing interest in you. Or is it just your mind playing games with you and making it one hundred times worse. Well before you worry yourself to death. There are lots and lots of signs that men give out that quite possibly they are losing interest in you or getting bored. Each man is different though, so don't take these signs as a definitive yes he is getting bored with me and losing interest. He may just be that way due to other things that are happening within his life such as stress from his job. Problems with his self-confidence due to weight related issues the list goes on and on.

How to tell if you boyfriend is losing interest in you

Do you feel that your relationship with your boyfriend is going sour. Do you get the feeling that things are just not right. Well these are all tell tale signs that your boyfriend is distancing himself from you.

How To Tell If Your Boyfriend Is Losing Interest Signs To Look ForOne very common sign that thing may be going pear shaped is the not answering my calls problem. If after a few phone calls your boyfriend still doesn't answer. Then leave it up to him to call you back. Ringing him over and over again is only going to make things worse.

Another sign that he may be losing interested is does he keep making excuses not to go out with you. This is a tell tale sign that he needs a little bit of space to sort things out in his head. Like I mentioned earlier, you may not be the problem. He may have other important issues in his life, but if you keep ringing and get too clingy this may drag him further and further away from you.

Another sign to tell if your boyfriend may be losing interest in you, is because you are constantly thinking it in your head. You are having these thoughts for a reason. Something isn't right in the relationship. If you are thinking about your boyfriend dumping you all the time. This is not healthy for both of you. You need to step back and ask yourself why you are having these thoughts about being dumped by your boyfriend. Once you ask yourself what is making you think this way, you are more likely to find out what is causing these thoughts in your head.

How to tell if your boyfriend is losing interest tell tale signs to look for

Another tell tale sign to look for is the look on his face when you see him. Lots of men give away a lot in there facial expressions and body language. If your boyfriend for weeks is not looking himself. It's time to be brutal and ask him what is wrong. You may not get the answer that you are looking for, but at least you will be able to move on with your life. Constantly thinking about your man is not healthy. You are only going to sort out this problem by talking.

Once you both open up you will be able to find out what is wrong with the relationship and fix the problems. If they are fixable, some problem for lots of women are unfixable and if you feel like, this is the case for you and your boyfriend. Then it may be time to cut your losses and move on. Staying in an unloved and unhappy relationship is only going to make matters worse.

Men like to feel appreciated and loved and your man may feel that you are no longer giving him the love he deserves. There are so many different reasons why men may distance themselves. But like I mentioned at the beginning of the article all men are different. And they all respond in different ways. The best advice you can get from all this is to just talk, you will not find out anything unless you sit down and have it out with your boyfriend.

Number one you will need to listen to what he has got to say, if you are the talker in the relationship, sit back and let your boyfriend have his say. There are even books in the marketplace that are written all about improving relationships. I know lots of us don't want to go down this route. But these books have helped lots of relationship to grow and blossom. At the end of the day, if you feel a relationship is worth fighting for, then you need to learn all that you can and do everything in your power to make it right.